Behind the Notes

When we were students - we were fed up with the mess of tools we had to use in order to take notes and work together.
With information locked in a cloud of files, these longform documents made it a nightmare to stay organised and share with each other.
So in 2018, we started to build our own solution, Supernotes. Where anyone can effortlessly break down their knowledge into 'notecards' - making it easy for them to share and learn with their peers.

Who are we?

Meet the brains behind Supernotes


Founder & CTO

Connor Neblett

Full-stack developer and architecture lead of the Supernotes platform. Connor began coding at the age of twelve, and has built out large scale business web platforms.


Founder & CEO

Tobias Whetton

Front-end developer and design lead of the Supernotes platform. Tobias started web developing over six years ago, with his last project funded by the NHS.



David Walsh

Highly successful and experienced in the Technology Sector, founding Crimsonwing, an international software and services business in 1996. Crimsonwing listed in 2008 and was subsequently acquired by KPMG in 2015.

Our Investors

We are fortunate to have some amazing investors.

Our Supporters

We wouldn't be where we are today, without the support of the following companies, accelerators and initiatives:
Young Foundation - Young Academy Accelerator
Educate London
Satander Universities Entrepreneurship Awards
Y Combinator: Startup School
Natwest Entrepreneur Accelerator
King's College London - Entrepreneurship Insitute - King's20 Accelerator

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