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Where do I start?

Sign up for an account now, and receive a starter pack of 100 cards for free. Then learn the basics with our 'Getting Started' guide.

When do I pay? How much?

Supernotes at its core will always remain free of charge. As a free user you will have a limited number of cards which you can expand with promo codes and referring your friends. If you like Supernotes, we encourage you to upgrade to our Unlimited Plan, so we can cover our costs and continue innovating!

How secure is my data?

On Supernotes your data is always encrypted in transit (forced SSL) and encrypted at rest (AES-256). Currently data is not end-to-end-encrypted (E2EE) on the platform, but this is something we hope to offer in the future. As a web-first platform with integrated collaboration features, it is difficult to do E2EE right while also not hindering when and how people want to share their content. If you would like to read our full security policy.

How private is my data?

Notes are personal and we take privacy very seriously. Our team will never read or access your note content, unless we have received your express permission during a customer support interaction. If you would like to read our full privacy policy.

How do I contact you directly?

The fastest way to get in touch with us is via the in-app messenger. Find this in the Help Menu ( ? ) in bottom-right of the app on desktop; or within the 'User Icon' > 'Get Help' > 'Chat with Us' on mobile. Or if you prefer email, you can reach us at [email protected].

I found a bug!

Thanks! Either contact us using the in-app messenger or ask over on our community forum with a description of your problem, and we will try to solve it as quickly as possible.

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