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What's New?

Find out what's new in the latest major Supernotes release, as well as some sneak peeks on what's coming next.

What's Next?
11th Oct 2021

New Minor Update Released

For more details on this minor release, please read the community announcement.

15th May 2021

Desktop Apps Early Access 🖥

You can now download Supernotes for Desktop on your Mac, Windows or Linux. We also have support for ARM architectures, including shiny Apple Silicon. These desktop apps are currently in early access, so if you have any feedback or suggestions please let us know over on the Community Forum.

Up to 5x Faster for large libraries ⚡️

Speed is important, and even though Supernotes has never been considered slow, performance is our top priority. We have done some major reworks under the hood, so everything will load even faster – blink and you will miss it! For users with especially large card libraries, you should see the most improvement.

Covers 📰

Every Noteboard now has a cover at the top, which quickly shows the information about where you are. Don’t like the new covers? You can hide them with one click using the up arrow in the bottom right of each cover.

Thoughts Collection 💭

Many of you already have 1000s of cards on Supernotes, and sometimes it can be hard to surface cards that you haven't looked at in a while. In an attempt to make it easier to find those cards, we've added a new collection called 'Thoughts' – these are "lonely" cards that either don't have a name/content or don't have any parent/child cards. With the Thoughts section, you can flesh them out, junk them if they are no longer relevant, or just leave them in Thoughts to help you find them later. Let us know what you think over on the Community and if you have suggestions for other default collections.

API Keys and Security Improvements 🔐

You can now generate API keys from within the new settings menu, paving the way for future integrations and use-cases. We've majorly improved the experience around logging in, so that you will need to do it much, much less frequently while still maintaining a high level of security! We have also made some major improvements to the API, which you can find here.

User Settings, Preferences and more Themes 🎨

We've moved things around a bit, so now all your settings reside in the new "Settings" menu. Here you can access the new "User Preferences" screen, which allows you to customise whether your cursor spawns in the title or body of a new card, the hotkey used for opening up the card coupler, and set your themes. Speaking of themes, there are two new ones – a sepia-style theme called 'Deuterium' and a darker dark theme, 'Carbon'. The process of switching between themes should now be much faster as well.

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Add author filter to user profile
  • Add webhook support via the API
  • Add faster and better animations
  • Add custom scrollbars for Windows & Linux
  • Add background loading of entire card library #230 by tekacs

  • Sort the outline (f.k.a. card tree) alphabetically
  • Remember scroll position when switching between views
  • Move tips to live at the top of the Noteboard
  • Display children with multiple parents in all locations in the outline
  • Improve clickable area while editing card #513 by daniela1

  • Improve Inbox styling with blue notifications
  • Improve handling of real-time card collaboration
  • Improve the way permissions are handled #488 by kareldries

  • Reduce the font size of LaTeX math blocks
  • Fix pin panel opening during unrelated actions
  • Fix friend requests not providing much feedback
  • Fix links to new cards not always being applied #273 by kareldries

  • Remove support for custom image sizes
21st Dec 2020

Share Pages 📮

Quickly share a single card with a friend even if they don’t have a Supernotes account, using a secure link. Great for sharing recipes, concepts or notes. Your friends can then add this card to their library on Supernotes, with your permission. You can now create multiple share codes with different permissions, and cards no longer have a share code by default for increased security and privacy.

Embeddable Cards 🖼

Writing an article? Now you can embed your Supernotes cards directly within your blog, just like embeddable tweets but with **markdown**. No flex or anything. Here are some great examples of how you can use them.

Today View 🌞

Introducing a new view where you can see on just your notes that you have created / edited today. Perfect when you want to focus on what you are working on right now.

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Add persistent pinning between devices
  • Add pinning functionality for mobile devices
  • Add shortcut to immediately open the filters
  • Add easter egg (find it and tweet us)
  • Fix visual artefacts in cheatsheet
  • Fix archive button incorrectly showing when users don't have permission
  • Fix font reflows when changing theme
  • Fix page title not wiping on session timeout
15th Sep 2020

Pinning 📌

Need to keep track of a few cards? Now you can pin them! Alt + click on any title or use the 'Pin' button in the more card options menu to pin any card. Once the pin panel is open, you can also drag and drop cards to add them. As pinning requires a bit more screen real estate this feature is Desktop only for now.

Visibility 🌗

We have replaced Indexing / Undexing with a three stage Visibility option. All your cards which were 'Indexed' are now marked as 'Priority' and show up in the card tree. By default cards are now 'Visible' and show up in the command prompt etc. Finally we have 'Invisible' cards which is reserved for cards that you no longer want to see on a daily basis. Visibility is personal and configurable only by you – no one else will know you have made their card invisible!

Import 🗳

You can now quickly migrate from your previous note-taking apps. Import your Roam Research / Obsidian database or any other markdown files in bulk. Best of all, all imports don't eat into your card limit, they only count once you start editing them (i.e keeping).

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Add ability to auto-suggest a card link from selected text in edit mode
  • Add ability for Authors to permanently remove a member of a card
  • Add image compression for faster load times
  • Add immediate parent to cards in the command prompt
  • Improve friends list to be sorted alphabetically
  • Improve syncing of the same cards across multiple browser windows
  • Improve sharing to display whether a member has kept a card or not
  • Improve modal handling on mobile devices
  • Fix coloured card border visual artefact
  • Fix junked cards from showing up in command prompt
16th Jul 2020

Friends 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧

You can now add your friends on Supernotes using their username or email! Share cards with them with our new drag & drop feature (below) - just drag a card onto their name! When a friend shares a card with you, you receive it in a new place called the Inbox, which lives just under the Home button in the Index. You can check out any of your friends by clicking their names to see their profile card. We have also added a Supernotes Score for your accounts, but these are hidden for now...

Drag & Drop 🖱

You can now drag cards around! Oooh yeah. You can add cards inside of other cards simply by dragging onto their names. If you are looking at cards within a parent, move them into another parent by holding down [shift] when you click and drag (you will see the highlight color turn to orange). This is just the start of drag and drop, we will be adding the ability to manually sort your cards and more very soon.

Command Prompt 🎮

The create / join card button in the bottom left has now been upgraded to a command prompt. You can summon it by clicking the plus button in the bottom left or using [cmd/crtl + k]. Use the command prompt to create / join cards as well as quickly switching between existing cards. We have many more commands to come, if you have any ideas, please let us know over on the Community Forum.

Lifetime Plan 🌟

We are reintroducing our pricing plans after making Supernotes Unlimited free for everyone working from home during lockdown. We are also offering a new Lifetime plan for a limited time - pay once and never again! We encourage you to upgrade to help support the development of Supernotes - at the moment it's just two of us, Connor and Tobias, working day and night to build you the best shared knowledge management system. Your support means a lot to us.

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Add new sidebar toolbar for Index, Filters, Friends and Command Prompt
  • Add an 'Unminimise' indicator button when a card is minimised
  • Add sort by parent count
  • Add sort by permissions
  • Add sort by date joined
  • Add which user last edited the card in the more info card dropdown
  • Add markup to card link and parent couplers to differentiate between two cards of the same name
  • Add new Onboarding to replace product tour
  • Add link to video tutorials in Help
  • Improve mobile device support, with new toolbar snapping to the bottom
  • Improve member list to support profile pictures
  • Improve focus and error behaviour on input fields
  • Fix extra space between lines in nested lists
  • Fix viewport bug with iPad Mini
  • Fix visual artefacts when switching between filters and card tree
  • Fix modal sizing issues esp. on small screens
6th Jun 2020

Backlinks 🔗

We now have full support for bi-directional linking of your cards on Supernotes. Whenever you link to a card, a new backlinks (quotation) symbol will appear in the bottom right corner of the linked card, and show you a list of all the cards which link to it. Perfect for anyone building a Zettelkästen system on Supernotes!


As part of our commitment to simplicity and security, we have now added Supernotes Single Sign-On. This allows you to sign-in with your Supernotes credentials to various associated services. The first of these is our new community forum. Many of you said you'd like to sign in to the Community Forum (formerly on Spectrum) with your Supernotes account (rather than having to create a separate one), and now you can! We have also decided to host the forum ourselves so that your data won't live with 3rd-party services. So check it out!

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Add account deletion button, with email confirmation
  • Add sort by child count
  • Add sort by backlink count
  • Add a 'card hasn't synced' indicator with retry button
  • Add auto list continuation and indentation support
  • Add a snazzy new favicon
  • Improve alphabetical sort to sort A - Z by default
  • Improve card joining support for parent cards with large amounts of children
  • Improve performance with joining and views
  • Fix issues with LaTeX math equations not rendering correctly
16th May 2020

Pagination 📑

Have lots of cards in one view? Navigate between them faster than ever before with pagination. Use the new page navigation bar at the top and bottom of the view, to immediately find the card you are looking for. The other benefit of pagination is that it dramatically improves load times for views with 100+ cards in them!

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Add thumbnails for images as they are uploaded
  • Add C# code syntax highlighting support
  • Improve to-do lists, with automatic continuation in the editor
  • Fix issues with cursor focus in the editor
  • Fix username validation not working in all cases
  • Fix email validation not allowing certain valid email addresses
20th Apr 2020

Cards with Icons & Colors 🎨

You can now customise any of your cards with 7 bright colors and 1,850 different icons. This works especially well for parent cards, as the icons are always displayed in front of the title throughout the Supernotes platform. To assign a color or icon to a card, you can use the "quick-add" menu (click "+" or use hotkey: /) while editing a card.

Improved Preview Mode 🖼

After collecting lots of feedback on the new Preview mode (introduced in 1.1), we have re-configured Preview to be much more ergonomic. It is now restricted to only appear on top of the Noteboard (not the entire screen). Additionally, clicking on any card title (or hitting space while focused on a card) will show the Preview. If instead you double-click on a card title (or hit shift + space while focused on a card) the card will open immediately in the Noteboard, allowing you to quickly see all of its child cards.

Reintroducing Cutting ✂️

One of the best features of Supernotes is the hierarchical + graph structure you can build by nesting cards inside each other and by assigning multiple parents to a child card. However, sometimes life gets in the way and you need to sever these relationships. This can now be accomplished using the "cut" button, which can be found in the "parent-link" dropdown menu when editing a card. When you "junk" child cards which you have shared with other users, Supernotes will now ask you if you wish to "cut" the card from any of its parents as well.

Dark Mode Refresh 🌚

Connor, our super CTO, often works late into the evening and is very particular about his dark mode! We have taken some time to rebalance our dark mode color scheme (along with a few UX tweaks) to make Supernotes even easier on the eyes for those long, late-night sessions. We have also improved the theme switcher (located in the user menu in the top right) to now have three values – light, dark, and automatic. If you have a device that supports a system-wide light/dark mode, "automatic" allows Supernotes to always reflect whichever mode is active on your device. Bonus: this theme preference is now saved, so when you come back after a break or log in on a different device, it will look how you left it.

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • More speed improvements - almost all interactions happen in under 100ms
  • Supernotes now remembers what you were working on last, and redirects you there when logging back on
  • Added an 'index' button to cards - manually add cards to the card tree in the sidebar
  • Added a new Junk confirmation for shared cards
  • Added the ability to add multiple tags in one go
  • Added new code wrap & LaTeX hotkeys, cmd/crtl + d and cmd/crtl + l
  • Improved Connection status, moving it into the user menu
  • Improved "Seamless View" to be even more minimal - great for reading / personal cards
  • Improved Tablet/Mobile screen size support
  • Prevent frozen cards from being published to new locations
  • Renamed card 'links' to 'references' for greater clarity compared to external links
10th Mar 2020

Quick Preview 😎

Now, when you click the name of a card, a quick preview window will pop up. This allows you to quickly view the content of a card, without losing focus on what you are working on. When you're done, you can dismiss the preview immediately by hitting [esc] or clicking anywhere outside of it. If you want to mount the card, just click on the button above the preview, or press [Shift] + [Space] at the same time. You can even scroll through the cards in the Noteboard without leaving preview by using the ↑ and ↓ keys.

Card Links 🔗

This is a big one. Reference other cards inline using a new option in the quick-add menu. Then, click on the link to open the referenced card in the new Quick Preview mode. Super handy and dandy if you want to link to other cards without forcing them into a strict hierarchy. What this really means is that you can now use Supernotes as a fully-fledged Zettelkasten system.

Make it GO FAST ⚡️

Supernotes should now run 2-4x faster! We are constantly optimizing the platform, aiming to make everything happen at speeds faster than 100ms. We want Supernotes to move in the blink of an eye.

Bring on the Browsers ⛵

This update also brings significantly improved browser support. We now (tentatively) support Chrome, Safari, Brave, Firefox, Opera and Edge 80.

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Added the ability to zoom into images by clicking on them in display mode
  • Added support for Youtube, Vimeo and Prezi embedding
  • Added swipe to close sidebar
  • Added close button to all modals, and the ability to use [ESC] keybinding
  • Added the option to adjust the display size of images in Markdown
  • Added an external link indicator
  • Changed the contributor role icon to a Seedling
  • Fixed bold italic styles not rendering correctly
  • Fixed a bug which wouldn't correctly print an empty parent
  • Fixed sticky scrolling issue on iOS Safari
  • Fixed indefinite pink SN loading screen bug when logging in
  • Fixed sidebar transition getting stuck on mobile when adding / removing filters
17th Feb 2020

Export to Markdown

You can now export all the cards you are currently viewing to a single Markdown file! This is perfect for those times when you want to collate and organise all of your thoughts on Supernotes and then export them for use in a word processor later.

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Fixed a open card animation bug
  • Continuous loading bug when a user loads in an empty noteboard
  • Code blocks now wrap in print
  • Headers (H1, H2, H3) have been increased in size
  • Persist position of cursor when subsequently editing a card
  • Escape "quick add menu" if first character is space
10th Feb 2020

Quick-add emojis

A lot of our users love to add emojis when they write. To make it a bit easier we have added an 'Emoji' option to the 'Quick add menu', so you can quickly search for the relevant emoji. Upon confirmation, the emoji character code will be added to your current cursor position.

Cover Page on Print / Export

We redesigned the print / export to pdf. It is now formatted a lot better, especially with larger numbers of cards. If printing from within a parent, the parent card and its join code are now bundled on a beautiful cover page, with the child cards on subsequent pages. This is super handy when sharing notes with people who do not have Supernotes yet or when you require a hard copy.

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Added the ability to include spoilers in Markdown using !
  • More helpful hints on how to use the platform
  • More keybindings (Press space to open a card)
  • Improved profile picture upload in account settings
  • Reworked keybindings to be more ergonomic
  • Restructure cheatsheet to be more relevant
  • Fixed a bug where cheatsheet would overflow on mobile
  • Fixed a bug where changes would be lost when switching between editing cards
  • Fixed a bug where cursor position would be ignored when adding new elements with the quick-add menu
  • Fixed a bug where parent cards would change appearance in focused view
19th Dec 2019

New 'Focused View'

You can now read through your cards distraction-free using the new 'Focused View'. This view fades the majority of the surrounding user elements, giving you a clear and focused experience.

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Dedicated buttons for opening/closing sidebar. Supernotes logo now links to home
  • Improved Card design, with greater width and contrast
  • Refresh of parent and tag managers to be clearer for the user, with more rigorous permissioning
  • Improvedmobile experience, with sidebar now only 90% width
  • Move Home button to be in the top bar
  • Simplify the Help menu
  • No child tip is now interactive, creating a card upon click
  • Refreshed a few icons, including the Share and Author icons
  • Reorder Sidebar tabs for more clarity, when card tab is not active
25th Nov 2019

Optimise Markdown

In this update, our Markdown renderer has been fully optimised to be as fast as possible. We also included a few extra goodies allowing support for symbols such as --, (c), TM etc.

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Increased performance when searching for parents and tags
  • Unlimited upgrade is now a more harmonious transition
  • Fix bug where Share Code would be copied upon opening the share drawer
  • Fix the Product Tour from breaking, due to "type to create card"
  • Various small cosmetic fixes, including resolving inconsistencies with colors across the platform
3rd Nov 2019

Greater connection stability

We want to make sure Supernotes is reliable as possible. This patch focuses improves the stability of the connection of your device, especially when collaborating live with other users. We have also launched a status page, where you can check the status of our web site, app and api.

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Better contrast in Dark Mode and other color changes
  • More consistent font weights
  • Various ergonomic improvements
  • Losing edit mode no longer cancels the changes but "finishes" the card by default
  • Fix bug allowing multiple "authors" on a card / inheritance not working correctly in a few cases
  • Publishing choice is now respected when you join a card
  • Changing hidden or published in edit mode for a context now actually works properly
28th Oct 2019

Payments are live!

We have integrated a payment gateway so you can upgrade to Unlimited! Perks include unlimited cards, priority support and much love from the team of Supernotes. Your continued support helps us improve the platform. You can find out more information on our new pricing page.

24th Oct 2019

Permissions Rework

Based upon your feedback, we have reworked the permissions that different members can have on a card - making the six roles more defined and balanced. The most notable change being that moderators can now change permissions of other users. You can see the full list in our help documentation.

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Improve display of connection status
  • Fix card limit not displaying correctly
  • Fixed a bug where users were unable to save their account settings when they made no changes
14th Oct 2019

Card Hierarchies

You can now add cards inside other cards to create a hierarchal structure, like with folders and files. Any card that has other cards inside of it will now visible in the sidebar. This allows you to interact with the 'parent' card itself in the sidebar while continuing to write 'child' cards in the main noteboard. Or, if is distracting to have the card on display while you're writing your notes, you can always minimise the sidebar by clicking the Supernotes logo.

Share, join & comment cards

All of your cards are automatically assigned a four word share code, which you can send to your friends so they can add it to their card library as well. Share codes look something like this, supernotes great note app. You can set roles & permissions for new members so that different people are allowed to interact with the card in different ways, and if you want to temporarily disable sharing completely, you can freeze it at any time.

Improved Tagging

Add new tags or pick ones you have already used with the brand new tag manager. You can summon it using the new "quick-add menu" by clicking the + in the top right or by typing + while editing a card. You can now add "personal" tags if you want to label a card with a tag that isn't relevant to others, e.g. if you find the content of a card difficult you could tag it for yourself as

Dark Mode

Working late? No problem. We have you covered with Dark mode. Supernotes even detects if you are running a dark mode natively and will change accordingly.

Mobile Support

You can now use Supernotes on mobile. Create, edit and join cards, all from your phone - with no loss of functionality from the desktop. Native apps are in the pipeline, but for now just bookmark Supernotes or add it as a web app to your home screen - you won't even notice the difference!

Better Keybinding Support

Flick through your cards with the up and down arrows keys, minimise and expand cards with left and right arrow keys, and edit cards with enter.