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Find out what's new in the latest major Supernotes release, and here's a few things we are working on at the moment...

Jun 25th, 2024
Customize Broadsheet Columns - Supernotes

Customize Broadsheet Columns

On larger screens, once you're in Broadsheet View, you can now manually select the number of columns you'd like to see. This is especially useful for those who like to see more cards at once, or for those who prefer a more spacious layout.

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  • Require "hold to escape" if Universal Coupler has been opened #2515 by @Yannic

  • Allow backspace/delete to close the Universal Coupler

  • Greatly improve the reliability of our API infrastructure

  • Improve consistency when syncing recent changes

  • Improve reliability of WebSocket connections for real-time updates

  • Telegram integration authentication requests are now more robust

  • Avoid magic pasting when user is already inside a markdown link

  • Using the theme tri-toggle is now a local-only change

  • Inline emoji now starts at more appropriate times

  • Allow use of asterisks in markdown checklists #232 by @freisatz


  • Reduce sporadic re-sorting of the Noteboard

  • SN Pro italics not rendering in webkit browsers #2525 by @taylor_venable

  • Display card names in Backlink drawer when using auto-links #2530 by @deadelia

  • Remove distracting scale animations when finishing cards

  • Fix issues with loading payment details

  • Require that pending requests are removed before logout is completed

  • Allow use of no color in duplicated collections #2488 by @freisatz

  • Fix error when coming back from sleep on macOS #2511 by @fuzzy.beach

  • Fix some Vision requests not being properly rendered as a diff

Jun 11th, 2024
Sort Custom Collections - Supernotes

Sort Custom Collections

Re-order your custom collections to your liking by dragging and dropping them in the sidebar. Best of all your preferred sort order is synced across all your devices.

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  • Add collection sorting to the sidebar

  • Add an inline "cutting" coupler, triggered by typing <<


  • Improve styling of embedded videos when printing and screenshotting

  • Improve inline emoji coupler to no longer trigger when colon follows text

  • Improve syncing when deleting a collection #2491 by @LaurenBurchell

  • Improve automatic card names in editor to prevent abbreviation #1231 by @JamesT

  • Improve card vision with a loading indicator when still fetching requests

  • Improve date API arguments to support Z suffix, matching the API docs #1961 by @isaiur

  • Improve the minimum required content for vision to 50 characters #2493 by @Yannic

  • Improve lists to renumber correctly when indenting on mobile

  • Improve search terms to wipe when picking items in a coupler


  • Fix Share to Supernotes on iOS not functioning as intended

  • Fix parsing == and !! as valid when extra whitespace is present in editor #1599 by @wldh

  • Fix non-functioning card vision keyboard shortcuts #2481 by @abhitopia

  • Fix print card count indicator to calculate correctly, not show 0

  • Fix inline coupler overflowing and improve positioning #2498 by @karel3s1

  • Fix card link names when printing and screenshotting #2496 by @JamesT

  • Fix issue where tab would break on first and last lines of a card #2444 by @JamesT

  • Fix copied card deeplinks to point to the correct path

  • Fix card counter staying on top of card coupler #2497 by @karel3s1

  • Prevent iOS App Store suggestion being shown on login / sign up

Jun 4th, 2024


  • Add Custom Collection commands to Universal Search #2458 @JohnCP

  • Add Vision item to the card interaction menu #2459 @wldh

  • Add an inline parent coupler, triggered by typing >>

  • Add Solidity (Ethereum) and Cypher (Neo4j) code language support #1955 @hahahumble

  • Add Visibility option on mobile #2461 @Vlach

  • Add filtering by tag count in custom collections #2468 @deadelia


  • Improve Vision markup diff granularity and and semantic meaning

  • Improve Vision to not interfere with real-time collaborative editing features

  • Improve and homogenize card links for consistent yet flexible behavior

  • Improve "Search in View" to only search cards after filters #1861 by @fuzzy.beach

  • Improve inline couplers when required to prevent occlusion #2467 @JamesT


  • Fix bugs related to Vision markup view breaking in certain scenarios

  • Fix Vision from adding asterisks around changes in certain cases

  • Fix misaligned sidebar calendar title #2450 @wldh

  • Fix syncing of custom collections with extra properties #2447 @freisatz

  • Fix issue where SVG images were not uploading properly #2342 @hahahumble

  • Fix link coupler to close when creating a new card #1967 @Fizzster21

  • Fix filterless collections to exclude junked cards #2454 @wldh

  • Fix paste issues on Collection filter JSON editor #2455 @wldh

  • Fix copy as screenshot on Android

May 29th, 2024

We are stoked to release 3.1, brimming with community requested features, improvements, and fixes. Watch our walkthrough on Youtube or read the full release notes below 👇

AI Superpowers - Supernotes

AI Superpowers

Artificial Intelligence (AI) commonly acts as “autocomplete” in software, which stifles learning & creativity. We believe AI should help you think more, not less. So we’ve created a new “thoughtful” approach to AI to boost cognitive tasks and learning. The first two Superpowers are included for free with Unlimited. 1. Vision, a notecard AI editing assistant, and 2. Collection Creator, which helps you create custom collections. More on that below!

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Custom Collections - Supernotes

Custom Collections

You can now save a bunch of filters as a custom collection, as well as editing the standard collections available to you. This makes finding and reviewing your notes a lot faster and easier. You can also share collection templates with others! Our filter editor is still in development, use the AI feature As well as generate custom collections using AI.
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New Editor Features - Supernotes

New Editor Features

We've improve the typing experience, so you can now add tags, emojis and card links without your cursor leaving the card body. Just type #, :, or two left-brackets to begin. Inline links are now formatted without the card's ID to make text more readable. And images and Mermaid diagrams are now rendered directly in the editor!
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Faster Share Pages - Supernotes

Faster Share Pages

We've entirely rebuilt share pages and embedded cards. They're now 10x faster to load (served on their own dedicated domain – and you can quickly grab pretty screenshots of any card in library. Just right click and copy the card as an image (it may take a few seconds to generate the image).

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New Print Dialog (Desktop Only) - Supernotes

New Print Dialog (Desktop Only)

We've overhauled desktop printing. You can now print up to 300 cards with Ctrl / CmdP or print the card you are focused on with ShiftCtrl / CmdP. There are also new options to add a QR code that you can scan with your mobile device to immediately open the relevant card on our mobile app. Spoilers are converted to dotted lines, providing a great way to create self-tests, or you can unblur them with a new option. For best results please use our own Desktop Apps or Chromium-based browsers (Chrome / Edge / Brave).
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New Desktop & Mobile menus

On Desktop right click on a collection name, card outline or a card itself to view new context menus that will help you get things done quicker. We've also included popular keyboard shortcuts in these menus, to help you learn how to interace with cards on Supernotes even faster! On Mobile you'll find a bunch of new optimizations, including improved Comments, Timestamps and More Actions. Card drawers have been removed on mobile in favour of sheets that slide up from the bottom of the screen.
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New 'Interact With...' Prompt

We've unified multi-select and interact prompts. Use Ctrl / Cmd + I to interact with a card or Ctrl / Cmd + E to select multiple cards. Multi-select is now out of Feature Preview, available for all users including those on free plans.
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Easier App Opening

Open any card on your native app by using the new domain. Just append a card_id, share_code or better yet any compatible path with ?path=. The fallback will be our web app, so if apps aren't installed everything should still work as expected.

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Multiple Email Addresses

You can now add multiple email addresses to your Supernotes account. This is mostly useful for those who would like to add an educational email address to their account, so that you can get the educational discount without needing to change your primary email address.

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  • Add Spoiler unblur on print #2064 by @isaiur

  • Add native Help menubar support on macOS

  • Add "print card" to card quick actions

  • Add right click contextual menus #889 by @epicmaster

  • Add Timestamp popover, so you can quickly see edited, created and targeted dates in one place

  • Add rendering of images when in edit mode, with magnify button #1119 by @Nordinho

  • Add open / close animations to modals

  • Add support for Safari navigation bar theme matching #2391 by @marlonr

  • Add ability to filter by parent cards #329 by @nikita.korobkin #506 by @freisatz

  • Add ability to remove parents cards in "Interact with..." multi-select prompt #1585 by @DunkinDonuts

  • Add ability to cut cards directly from the outline

  • Add ability to touch cards to set the last edited time to now

  • Add a "junk card" flow after finishing an empty card


  • Improve exported card limit to 300 #1044 by @Grunberg

  • Improve position of copy code button to be at the top of code blocks #2325 by @wldh

  • Improve Android app stability #2028 by @jsung

  • Improve Mobile app startup load times

  • Improve scrollbar styling to adapt with day and night themes #2363 by @wldh

  • Improve Telegram integration to allow addition within a specific parent #2320 by @NSJK

  • Improve Telegram integration to be more stable and reliable

  • Improve Daily view keybind to Cmd / CtrlShiftD

  • Improve Pinned Pane to support manual sort #590 by @rlivett

  • Improve Comments on mobile to be a more native experience

  • Improve Image upload prompt to be simpler, faster and more reliable #2080 by @fuzzy.beach

  • Improve Haptics with new 'Haptic Threshold' accessibility preference #1417 by @0cacc0cb

  • Improve ordered lists so they renumber when tabbing and moving lines #1539 by @marlonr

  • Improve internal card link pasting to support any Supernotes URL

  • Improve Share link format #2097 by @freisatz

  • Improve performance of real-time collaborative editing

  • Improve API /select filtering methods to be concordant with app filters

  • Improve Tag and Color Couplers so personal and shared distinction is only shown in shared use cases #2327 by @wldh


  • Fix frequently re-authentication bug, caused by non-4xx errors #2209 by @tkk22

  • Fix currently open card not opening on narrow width devices #2366 by @Fizzster21

  • Fix issue where a variety of requests would not work on the first try

  • Fix Toggle Cheatsheet keybind on macOS #2195 by @emeffinsteve

  • Fix Non-Latin card names are not supported in share links #2314 by @wldh

  • Fix Desktop app window appearing out of bounds when secondary screens are used #2204 by @artistro08 #1793 by @wldh

  • Fix Cheatsheet keyboard shortcut on macOS, please use the CmdShift/ #2195 by @emeffinsteve

  • Fix Windows app incorrectly handling some deep link urls #1664 by @marcmlyn

  • Fix tags not showing on long cards in preview mode #2359 by @JohnCP

  • Fix misaligned parent names in search results #2397 by @deadelia

  • Fix parent card creation within Parent Coupler #2095 by @freisatz

  • Fix parent cards returning after being cut #2122 by @freisatz

  • Fix errornous scrolling behaviour when switching focus #2129 by @freisatz

  • Fix mobile keyboard falsely triggering when navigating modals #2273 by @denleschae

  • Fix changing font-size causing text to occasionally overflow and appear cut off in card display mode

  • Fix bug where 'Locate in Outline' would re-fire after re-opening the Outline

  • Fix 404 Moon image not rendering in Desktop Apps

  • Fix joining so it works with new appended text urls #2437 by @freisatz

  • Fix word count for CJK keyboard users #2351 by @NSJK

  • Fix Universal Coupler and other keyboard shortcuts not activating on touch devices with a physical keyboard #2731 by @Fizzster21

Mar 6th, 2024
Telegram Integration - Supernotes

Telegram Integration

Send notes to Supernotes from Telegram. Get started by opening Supernotes on iOS / Android and going to ‘Settings’ > ‘API & Integrations’ > ‘Telegram Bot’. This authenticates and create a new conversation with Supernotes. Currently the bot has two modes, either each message creates a new card or all your messages are collated into a single “daily” card. Test it out and let us know what you think!

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Improvements & Fixes

  • Add text macro that converts [] to - [ ] #2302 by @LaurenBurchell

  • Add support for the mhchem katex extension in the editor and renderer #2276 by @jantarko40

  • Add "View as..." Universal Search commands to support a wider range of devices and sizes

  • Add pinned indicator to the face of cards which are pinned

  • Add Ctrl / Cmdi to open card quick actions

  • Add monochrome app icon support for Android

  • Improve login via SSO to be more robust #2231 by @hahahumble

  • Improve Untitled cards to hide placeholder prompt in Seamless mode #128 by @Valery_Kondakoff

  • Improve card names to remove any preceding or trailing whitespace

  • Improve reliability of card joining system

  • Improve reliability of realtime collaboration and updates across the platform

  • Improve simplified card design, with shorter dates and only show necessary active buttons

  • Improve tag registry to remove unused tags

  • Improve pagination loading appearance, with a new loader

  • Improve mobile share extension formatting #2232 by @isaiur

  • Improve share page urls to include notecard title #2261 by @wldh

  • Fix cards in parent search and link search not being sorted by recent #2227 by upsaad

  • Fix cards with terminals displaying tags and quick tips #2229 by @hahahumble

  • Fix hyphens / dashes between lowercase letters by upgrading to latest version of SN Pro #2236 by @yannic

  • Fix universal links, including share pages so they now open within mobile apps

  • Fix unclickable Untitled Cards #2257 by @DunkinDounts

  • Fix iPhone, iPad devices being incorrectly mistaken for Mac devices

  • Fix HTML rendering incorrectly in card titles #2268 by @fuzzy.beach

  • Fix search queries incorrectly returning no results

  • Fix high hyphens, by updating to SN Pro 1.0.0 #2236 by @Yannic

  • Fix non-selectable text when printing #2269 by @wldh

  • Fix long names displaying incorrectly in user profile modal

  • Fix last edited time not updating frequently #2235 by @hahahumble

  • Fix junked cards displaying tips #2229 by @hahahumble

  • Fix erroneous footer scrolling behavior #2246 by @Yannic

  • Fix pinned cards occasionally not pinning on the first attempt and other wonkiness

  • Fix copy referral code which was previously not copying

  • Fix natural date inputs not working correctly with 'Start with Day' user pref

  • Fix icons not showing up in Android app quick actions

  • Prevent Android app system text scaling, please use Supernotes' font size setting

Jan 31st, 2024
SN Pro Font Family - Supernotes

SN Pro Font Family

Our new typeface, SN Pro, is now live across all our mobile, desktop and web apps. Designed in house by us, specifically with Markdown in mind, SN Pro has improved legibility, prettier symbols and faster ligatures. Learn why and how we designed it here.

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Simplified Cards

Fast, easy sharing is at the core of Supernotes. But sometimes you will never share a card, whether it’s a quick shopping list, a private reflection or a draft you are working on. Now cards will only present you with their sharing features (likes, comments) once you start sharing! We've also given cards in Seamless mode a new lick of paint, with vertical color indicators so you can see what color a card is even if you can't see the title.

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Mobile Quick Actions

Quickly create a card or a checklist, view your today view or get some help from us with mobile app quick actions. Just hold down the mobile app icon on your home screen to view these options.

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Improvements & Fixes

  • Add swipe down from + in the Editbar to dismiss keyboard on mobile.

  • Add supernotes://new support to mobile and desktop apps #1969 by @isaiur

  • Add drag and drop support to junk cards

  • Add arrow ligatures in SN Pro #823 by @wldh

  • Add Cancellation consideration pop-up

  • Add Copy Card ID button to More Actions

  • Add parent badges when a card is minimized #2094 by @isaiur

  • Add search within current view to Universal Search with Cmd / CtrlShiftK #2199 by @jalen

  • Improve QR code in Onboarding to be clickable

  • Improve the new card typing tip to show Universal Coupler key as a keycap

  • Improve older dates to show exact date rather than a rough time distance estimate

  • Improve Preview card history navigation using <-, -> keys

  • Improve indication that Desktop App is out of focus #1619 by @wldh

  • Improve dates across the platform to be more consistent with user prefs

  • Fix the Ctrl keycap in the Filters menu overflowing on Windows

  • Fix Card tips breaking the MoreActions button if backlinks are present

  • Fix Notevisor icon erroring out the interface

  • Fix Unlimited users seeing "Junk cards to free up space" button

  • Fix Authentication modal to bring you to correct modal after correct submission

  • Fix Overview handle bar appearing above scrollbar on Windows

  • Fix typo in new member welcome card

  • Fix pagination controls clipping Noteboard loading skeleton

  • Fix subsequent instances of cards in Tree not displaying children #1794 by @JamesT

  • Fix issues where Android app would crash due to image / notification permissioning issues

  • Fix issues where notification settings wouldn't show up on iOS

  • Fix mobile app issue where search index would be incomplete

  • Remove Solo mode from the app, as the card re-design bakes this in automatically

Dec 1st, 2023
The 4-Year License - Supernotes

The 4-Year License

We've overhauled our paywall and marking over four years of updates to Supernotes, we're now introducing a new 4-Year license. Pay once, no subscription, and get all the perks of Unlimited for four years. Plus we'll plant four trees on your behalf. Read more here.

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Developer Documentation

We've been blown away with some of the remarkable projects you've built with Supernotes. To keep the good vibes going, we've been secretly crafting some cool Developer documentation. It's all about showcasing your fantastic creations and giving you a full-on API reference playground. Have a read over at and let us know if we can improve anything.

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Improvements & Fixes

  • Add progress spinner to in-progress challenges

  • Add partial RTL support for paragraphs #257 by @EladP

  • Add silent mobile app update notification

  • Add 'Copy Card ID' to card quick actions #2022 by @m_distefano

  • Improve Achievements progress stability when offline

  • Improve font weight fallbacks #1589 by @hahahumble

  • Improve Outline performance, especially on mobile

  • Improve 'Add cards here' prompt to exclude cards currently in view

  • Improve fetching when re-opening app

  • Fix Windows Desktop apps not auto-updating correctly

  • Fix Force Sign out button not working occasionally

  • Fix Card limit not displaying correct value occasionally

  • Fix creation of a parent card whilst editing another card #2095 by @freisatz

  • Fix mobile app subscriptions not cancelling if subscription ends prematurely

  • Fix multi-edit search functionality #2092 by @fuzzy.beach

  • Fix graphical flickering anomaly on Apple Silicon Desktop App #1751 by @hahahumble

Nov 20th, 2023
Card Quick Actions - Supernotes

Card Quick Actions

Quickly interact with cards using the new 'Quick Actions' menu available within the Universal Search. From here you can copy the app link to a card, to paste in other apps, copy the Markdown or HTML of a card, as well as the ability to like, locate and pin a card.

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Improvements & Fixes

  • Add active Visibility filter inheritance for newly created cards #2021 by @meldron

  • Add inline Mermaid rendering option, in App Preferences > Customize Behavior #2066 by @hahahumble

  • Improve Tag Coupler to sort by most recently used tags

  • Improve syncing reliability across devices #2033 by @hahahumble

  • Improve infrastructure performance and reliability

  • Improve performance of the Universal Search

  • Improve the display and wrapping of tags in the Universal Search

  • Improve magic paste to be more intelligent

  • Improve SIMPLE create card endpoint to allow specifying parent_ids #207 by @isaiur

  • Fix Universal Search to not show deleted results

  • Fix Cards not being added to Thoughts when parent is removed #2034 by @NewHorizon

  • Fix position of newly created cards to be at the top in Manual Sort mode #2002 by @Nikitinho

  • Fix incorrect aspect ratio of profile pic in card member lists

  • Fix Calendar hover styles in night mode

  • Fix scrollbar hidden behind side panel drag bar #2007 by @JohnCP

  • Remove 'Private' and 'Shared' group options from ParentCoupler

Oct 4th, 2023

Improvements & Fixes

  • Fix critical bug where editing cards would cause cursor anomalies

  • Fix additional background blur in Join Card prompt

  • Fix styling of icons in Link Coupler

  • Fix fullscreen graph overlapping window controls on Windows and Linux desktop apps

  • Fix closing sidebar erroneously closing preview on smaller screen sizes

  • Fix issues with the Outline not updating correctly #1976 by @moose

Oct 4th, 2023
Sync Status - Supernotes

Sync Status

With Supernotes 3, we designed our new offline mode to work seamlessly in the background, so your connection can drop and you can keep taking notes – uninterrupted. Sometimes you might want to still check whether all your notes are up-to-date. To make this easier, we've added Sync Status, accessible from the User menu by clicking on the current connection state. Opening this menu will also initiate a real-time 'up-to-date' status check for your convenience.

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Improvements & Fixes

  • Improve card error handling to offer additional options

  • Improve copy of re-authentication prompt

  • Improve loading indicators within the comment drawer

  • Improve friend request prompt to always include username

  • Improve preview editing experience, with more space below a card

  • Improve performance switching between views, especially Graph view

  • Improve Universal Search algorithm to include parents and tags

  • Improve Tag Coupler to highlight applied tags #1964 by @DunkinDonuts

  • Stabilize random sort to not re-randomize #1790 by @hahahumble

  • Fix Devices & Sessions modal not showing up current sessions #1988 by @Nikitinho

  • Fix multi-select confirmation to show always

  • Fix day / night mode button on Share pages

Sep 8th, 2023

Improvements & Fixes

  • Added a Introductory Card for new user signups

  • Improve syncing behavior for endpoints with no content

  • Improve email confirmation / change / password reset screens with more verbose errors

  • Improve version updates by avoiding checking when not strictly necessary

  • Fix icons not appearing under new system #1932 by @JohnCP

  • Fix issue where new accounts would be unable to accept certain share codes

  • Fix Outline inconsistencies #1939 by @JamesT

  • Fix mobile formatting bar not switching modes during selection

  • Fix authentication pages not redirecting in certain scenarios #1929 by @Nikitinho

  • Fix share code fetching for unauthenticated users

  • Fix search losing the index and not properly indexing numerical terms #1931 by @freisatz

  • Fix manual sort breaking in Broadsheet mode for pages with an odd number of cards #1928 by @Nikitinho

  • Fix various issues with cards created via linking not syncing properly #1916 by @karel3s1

  • Fix "Share to Supernotes" failure notification from showing up in certain irrelevant scenarios #1934 by @Itsben

  • Fix "Share to Supernotes" continuously re-adding shared content in certain scenarios #1945 by @fuzzy.beach

  • Fix issue where re-authentication system would not allow you to provide your email/username

Sep 4th, 2023
iOS and Android Apps are out now - Supernotes

iOS and Android Apps are out now

Our official mobile apps are now available to download from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. To celebrate we're offering a 7 day free trial to Unlimited if you pay for a Yearly plan via the mobile app.

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Improvements & Fixes

  • Add new "Sign out" check to make sure all changes are synced to the servers

  • Improve error system to display more useful information and have a back button

  • Improve re-connection stability when going back online

  • Improve re-authentication by adding a popup that makes it more obvious what actions the user should take

  • Improve performance and consistency of the syncing system

  • Improve load performance by requiring fewer full card collection fetches

  • Improve visibility changes so that Invisible cards now immediately disappear from the current view if the "Invisible" filter is active

  • Improve profile pictures by adding clearing loading indicators and retry

  • Fix Achievements erroring out interface

  • Fix Noteboard menu erroring out interface #1912 by @mryoung

  • Fix Today button not always navigating the user to Today view on mobile

  • Fix Broadsheet view padding issues on mobile

  • Fix anomaly where all cards would appear errored out on first login

  • Fix quickly changing themes in Onboarding from breaking

  • Fix copy share buttons on mobile

  • Fix links to other local apps not opening #1902 by @itsben

  • Fix issue where print shortcut wasn't functioning correctly on Desktop apps

  • Fix improper billing information when on a free trial

  • Fix scrollbars being present on loading screens

  • Fix emails confirmation buttons not responding correctly

  • Fix issue where "cutting" on shared cards could be too aggressive when removing existing users from the card

  • Fix broken card embedding

  • Disable "Share to Supernotes" on Android as it was causing crashes, will be re-added in a subsequent release

Aug 30th, 2023

Almost two years in testing, we've built one of the most powerful collaborative markdown editors available on mobile. Our mobile apps will be launching worldwide within the next week on both the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Editor Toolbar on Mobile - Supernotes

Editor Toolbar on Mobile

Easily access quick actions and Markdown shortcuts with your thumbs, to make your Markdown editing experience even faster. Highlight text to automatically switch to syntax mode. Copy a link to your clipboard, and then tap the link button to instantly paste the link into your card. Add additional elements using the Universal Coupler and finish cards all directly from the editor toolbar.

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Share to Supernotes on Mobile

Quickly share anything to Supernotes on your mobile, whether it's a website, or a message a friend sent to you on Whatsapp. This is just the start of more bookmarking opportunities for Supernotes on Mobile.

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Seamless Offline

Introducing a flawlessly offline experience, so if your internet connection dips or you like working from remote places – that will never be a problem again. Create, edit and re-arrange your cards all while offline. Once you reconnect the app will automatically consolidate all your changes in the background, even merging edits to the same cards from different clients and members! Offline mode works across our entire suite of apps, on Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, iOS and the Web.

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Multiplayer Editing

We're stoked to support multiplayer editing within Supernotes cards, you can now edit the same card with all your friends and see their cursor making changes in real time. Perfect for planning events, trips and having meetings together.

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You can now earn achievements for completing challenges on the platform, encouraging you to tag, link and build a more comprehensive knowledge base! Completing achievements will earn you a badge and if you are on the free Starter plan you will gain more free cards!

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Card View modes

View your cards permanently as minimized or maximized. Great if you're learning and want to collapse all your cards and view them one by one, or if you prefer to read all your content but not lose the interactivity of cards compared to Seamless View.

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Manual Sort

Now you can go to sort by 'Manual'. Once you are in this mode, drag a card title and drop it in-between other cards to move it there - simple! Combine this with the Minimized card view mode to quickly organize a bunch of cards in the right order without having to scroll.

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Improvements & Fixes

  • New "Accessibility" App Preference sub-menu

  • Add ?open-app=true to a url to attempt to open the Supernotes native app if it's installed

  • Add ability to change email if current email is unconfirmed

  • Add persistence of various view properties back to parent views

  • Add navigating through Calendar by year by holding down arrows #1858 by @JohnCP

  • Add support for searching for Emojis within Universal Search #1782 by @isaiur

  • Add edit parent card button to Noteboard cover

  • Add ability to navigate to the parent card with keybinds #1761 by @fuzzy.beach

  • Add automatic injection of card link names if no name is provided

  • Add field search toggle to the Universal Search, to allow only searching name, content, or tags individually

  • Add ability to change the "quick couple" key (in Editor) to whatever you want

  • Add persistence to the Overview, so that expanded cards remain expanded #1867 by @Nikitinho

  • Improve keyboard navigation for CJK languages

  • Improve 'Start Typing' tip so it is shown in Seamless Mode

  • Improve Cheatsheet to be relevant for each platform and add Gesture section for touch devices

  • Improve Remove Icon option to specify name of icon #1772 by @Nikitinho

  • Improve the API specification to be fully correct and compliant

  • Fix card styling issues where some text would be incorrectly monospaced

  • Fix Referral 'Done' button not closing modal correctly

  • Fix long titles adding unnecessary in embedded cards

  • Fix code-blocks having unnecessary scroll bars #1810 by @freisatz

  • Fix next card not focusing in Junk after deletion / removal

  • Fix additional blank page bug when 'Saving as PDF' inside a parent card without any child cards #1780 by @hahahumble

  • Fix bottom sheet on Android not being fixed #1770 by @hahahumble

  • Fix "Restore down" button not showing on Windows #1828 by @Nikitinho

  • Fix user interface layout issues on iPadOS #1805 by @hahahumble

  • Fix Overview junk button being cut off on Android #1803 by @Nikitinho

  • Fix scrollbar being present on loading screen on Android #1801 by @Nikitinho

  • Fix on-screen keyboard disappearing when holding down Search button to create card on Android #1771 by @hahahumble

  • Fix current card being shown in Universal Coupler results #1750 by @fuzzy.beach

  • Fix Cheatsheet being obscured when the window is resized #1781 by @hahahumble

  • Fix Sorting not functioning as intended with card creation in Daily View #1841 by @isaiur

  • Remove dollar, exclamation and equals as wrap options in edit mode #1851 by @isaiur

Jun 26th, 2023
Programming Language Auto-detection - Supernotes

Programming Language Auto-detection

We've added a new feature to automatically detect the programming language of your code blocks. This is especially useful for those who use Supernotes to store code snippets, as it will automatically apply syntax highlighting to your code. You can still manually set the language of your code blocks by typing the language name immediately after the first three backticks.

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Improvements & Fixes

  • Add missing default color filter #1685 by @Tokamak

  • Add removal of existing tags in Multi-select

  • Add code-block language auto-detection #1725 by @Appsecmaster

  • Add support for iPad delete key emulation (Ctrl + D) #1714 by @Fizzster21

  • Add support for deleting cards with Delete or Backspace while in junk (confirmation still required)

  • Add support for searching non-latin languages #1712 by @hahahumble

  • Improve support for IME keyboards #1528 by @tanimutomo

  • Improve ergonomics of triple backtick code-block autocompletion

  • Improve keyword filter highlighting to show on all cards (not just the ones in the Noteboard)

  • Improve search algorithm to increase relevance of priority cards

  • Improve code block action buttons to be more readable with overflowing code

  • Improve accuracy of "double-click to edit" mechanic

  • Improve automatic emails to have better formatting on different clients

  • Improve the performance of the Outline

  • Improve API card selection endpoint to allow support of timezone info (but ignore and assume UTC)

  • Fix card links containing styled text breaking the user interface #1731 by @fuzzy.beach

  • Fix auto-theming not triggering properly if the app was closed when the system switched between light and dark modes

  • Fix drafts not being saved properly on new cards

  • Fix 'Add card here' prompt not functioning as intended

  • Fix bug where creating a card within a parent and then cutting the parent wouldn't apply

  • Remove "double-tap to edit" prompt for empty cards (as it's not possible!)

May 17th, 2023
New Indentation and High Contrast user preferences - Supernotes

New Indentation and High Contrast user preferences

Whether you love tabs or think anything other than spaces is heresy, you can now choose which indentation you prefer, from tabs, two spaces and four spaces. We've also added a new high contrast preference and better screenreader support, which makes the app more accessible for those with visual impairments.

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Mermaid Diagram Support

We added (partial) Mermaid support - yay! Code blocks that are specified as syntax "mermaid" will now have a small additional button appearing next to the "copy code" button (in the bottom right). This "sushi" button will process the Mermaid code within the block and display it in the Supernotes image viewer

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Improvements & Fixes

  • Add Indent user preference, and choose between Tab, Two Spaces and Four spaces

  • Add High contrast user preference to highlight focused cards #1642 by @Pointus

  • Add "see more" button to card covers #1648 by @freisatz

  • Improve sorting and filtering performance

  • Fix random sort not functioning as expected #1651 by @hahahumble

  • Fix further issue causing cards to truncate incorrectly #1560 by @moose

  • Fix checklist styling causes weird visual issues for some sub-items

  • Fix broken Daily view heatmap header on small screens

  • Fix View Depth showing indicator on 1 layer deep and occasionally breaking #1646 by @freisatz

  • Fix sessions repeating the device OS version number

  • Fix share page styling for non-joinable cards

  • Fix focus not always returning to the right card

  • Fix cards disappearing from Today view after creation #1645 by @welington

  • Fix cards being re-sorted oddly if the user returns during editing

  • Fix LaTeX inline editing to handle LaTeX locally, rather than letting cards error out #1656 by @solsen

  • Fix parent badges not appearing on children in certain cases #1404 by @daniela

  • Fix duplicate HelpMenu bug

May 10th, 2023
New and Improved Comments - Supernotes

New and Improved Comments

We've given comments some love, with better support for long discussions. Now, successive comments from the same author automatically collapse together for better readability. On Desktop, you can quickly edit a comment you've just created by pressing ↑ (and explore new edit options by hovering over different comments). On mobile devices you can now tap and hold on a comment to edit / delete it.

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Improvements & Fixes

  • New Copy to Clipboard export #1611 by @MaxLinWorm

  • New LaTeX block preview in edit mode

  • Add view depth cyclic keyboard shortcut Ctrl / Cmd + D with indicator #1596 by @freisatz

  • Improve Onboarding scaling on small devices and to be skippable with a close button

  • Improve styling of completed tasks with a strikethrough and transparency #1593 by @isaiur

  • Improve scrollable results for cards, filters and more to be infinitely scrollable – no more limits! #1614 by @MaxLinWorm

  • Improve search results algorithm and remove Invisible and Junked cards from them #1613 by @MaxLinWorm

  • Improve multi-select to not show preview when clicking card title #1582 by @MaxLinWorm

  • Fix Esc key not working in Preview

  • Fix spacing and rendering of unknown and uncommon devices in Session manager

  • Fix tables and other elements breaking when filtering by marks

  • Fix parent cards not appearing within multi-select #1632 by @isaiur

  • Fix bug where it was impossible to set the Targeted Date of a new card to today initially

  • Fix pinned view breaking on small screens #1625 by @solsen

  • Fix bug where drag and dropped / pasted images would be aggressively downscaled

  • Fix cards being truncated unnecessarily on Mobile #1560 by @moose

  • Remove functionality that prevented empty cards #1461 by @freisatz

Apr 24th, 2023

Supernotes 2.4 is out now, introducing some of our most highly requested features, including view depth, universal search and a multi-select menu (feature preview). Read on below...

View Depth - Supernotes

View Depth

Quickly expand deeply nested card hierarchies: view one, two, three or infinite* levels deep. This works especially well in graph view where you can instantly visualize how different areas of your knowledge are pieced together. Oh and graph view now also has mobile support for both 2D and 3D modes; we’re excited to hear how this opens up new workflows for you. * not actually infinite

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New Onboarding

We’ve given our onboarding some love, with tips on how to get started, theme selection, user profile personalization and more. We hope you enjoy the experience and we’d love to hear your feedback – let us know what you think!

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Universal Search

Universal Search is here! This is the new name for our greatly improved command prompt, which now makes searching for cards much easier and much more comprehensive. Search queries now use a sophisticated relevancy algorithm to search the entirety of a card – title, content, tags, and other metadata all being used to provide super-relevant results. Due to a much improved indexing system under-the-hood, these complex searches run faster than the title-only system we had before, only taking a few milliseconds even for libraries containing thousands of cards. On top of all that, search term matches are now highlighted for you so that you can immediately see why a card is appearing in the Universal Search results.

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Simplified Settings

Settings is now easier to use, with clearer and more distinct sections. We’ve also improved your security, with a new interface for you to view all the devices / sessions where your account is currently logged in. So if you forget to logout at work or a shared computer you can now do so remotely.

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Multi Select Feature Preview

Edit a bunch of your cards in one go with our new multi-select feature. Press cmd/ctrl+E and select a couple cards, or enter the ‘Multi-select mode’ by pressing the button in the NoteBoard options menu. Modify visibility, targeted date, colors, and add tags or parents for multiple cards at once. This is still a work-in-progress feature, if you’re an Unlimited subscriber you can enable it under ‘Settings > App Preferences > Feature Previews’. Please leave your feedback over on the Community Forum

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Improvements & Fixes

  • Add 2D and 3D Graph view on mobile apps

  • Add integrated help docs on mobile apps and add an 'Open Help' command to Universal Search

  • Add ability to hotlink to any part of the app via supernotes:// URL

  • Improve Parent and Link couplers by showing your 20 most recent cards on start

  • Improve card links to show card colors #1540 by @isaiur

  • Improve double-click-to-edit to try to focus where you actually clicked (mostly)

  • Improve Backlinks to highlight where link is located in backlinked card

  • Improve share pages to display card color and be more readable on larger screens

  • Improve sizing of various elements on mobile

  • Improve contrast of certain elements including current day in the Calendar

  • Improve rendering performance

  • Fix card expand/collapse overflow issues

  • Fix editor line stutter issues

  • Fix color coupler search not showing up correct results

  • Fix shared universal coupler button not functioning correctly #1556 by @maxlinworm

  • Fix cards created from email having glitchy editing #1569 by @daniela1

  • Fix bug where rate limited notification would still be shown even after period has passed

  • Fix filter bug where certain search terms would cause cards to error out

  • Prevent cards being auto-added to the Outline when opened #1535 by @Silvan

  • Rename 'Invitations' to 'Notifications' to avoid confusion with Email to Supernotes functionality

  • Reduce the amount of data sent over the wire for real-time features

  • Remove Day Jumper sub-command, now just search for a date in the new Universal Search

  • Remove additional actions from automatically appearing when editing a card

Mar 17th, 2023
Shared Colors - Supernotes

Shared Colors

Due to popular demand, card colors can now be either shared (the default) or personal. Shared cards are (not surprisingly) shared with everyone who has access to a card. Meanwhile personal colors are For Your Eyes Only (the previous behavior). If you set a personal color on a card it will override the shared color to ensure you can continue to have your own system look exactly how you want.

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Improvements & Fixes

  • Add shared colors, which are now the default. The existing card color system is now called "Personal" and overrides any shared color that is on a card.

  • Add "double-tap to edit" prompt for touch devices

  • Add "scroll to cursor" behavior when opening a card #1532 by @NSJK

  • Add Meta+Alt+L hotkey to turn the current selection into individual cursors at the end of each line

  • Improve auto-scroll behavior when resetting views, sorting & filters

  • Improve LaTeX blocks to display an error if the LaTeX is invalid

  • Improve visuals of overflowing elements within the editor – clicking in the card margin now takes you to the relevant line

  • Improve backtick autocomplete for code blocks

  • Improve performance of all InteractiveSearch components

  • Fix paste bug with links copied from iOS Share Sheet

  • Fix bug where cards were not being automatically saved in certain edge-cases

  • Fix bug where content could be pasted into cards with Reader permissions

  • Fix showing archived children in the Overview #1524 by @freisatz

  • Prevent users from signing up with a .con email

Mar 4th, 2023
Seamless Syncing - Supernotes

Seamless Syncing

We've done some big changes under the hood to make our editing and syncing experience faster and more seamless between your devices; paving the way for a fully-fledged offline experience.

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Improvements & Fixes

  • New double-click the card content to enter edit mode

  • New in-app Help Center system for iOS and Android

  • New cmd + up / down keyboard shortcut to jump to first / last card in Noteboard

  • New metadata changes sync in realtime when editing on different clients

  • Add support for double-space periods on Mac #1318 by @marlonr

  • Improved in-app messenger for all platforms

  • Improve performance of internal Supernotes messaging protocol

  • Improve draft-saving performance

  • Improve highlighting of LaTeX blocks while editing

  • Improve formatting of LaTeX #1492 by @rXpSwiss

  • Fix bug where it seemed possible to create new lines in read-only cards

  • Fix bug where clicking checkboxes was no longer propagating properly

  • Fix bug where app would fail to connect to our servers even though you're online

  • Fix smooth scrolling overshooting and performance issues

Feb 12th, 2023
A Colorful Update - Supernotes

A Colorful Update

With this update, card colors are more prominent throughout the user interface. The command prompt now displays the colors of cards within the results, as well as a snippet of the card content to give you some more context. Parent card badges are now also colored, helping you more quickly identify which cards belong where.

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Improvements & Fixes

  • New real-time communication protocol, so new cards / updates / comments etc made by others (or on your own with multiple devices) should be more reliable / consistent (and faster)

  • New drafting system, should always store new cards and card edits even if you quit Supernotes without saving

  • New editing history allows undo/redo of meta changes (tags, colors, parents, etc) in addition to textual changes

  • New card font scaling user preference, with six different sizes to choose from #840 by @dmych

  • New keyword highlighting system when filtering cards in the Noteboard

  • Improve backend performance, most actions should be 10-20% faster in roundtrip time

  • Improve Command Prompt design to include card colors and some card content

  • Improve "Email to Supernotes" to support CC and BCC fields as well

  • Improve Parent badges to now show parent card color (if applicable)

  • Improve editor performance

  • Improve performance of all API queries by 10-20%

  • Improve connection stability and reliability of real-time updates between clients

  • Improve API so you can send only markup with a PATCH update and we will generate the HTML for you #1465 by @isaiur

  • Invert "New child cards are private" Noteboard options setting for better clarity

  • Fix deeplink card_id inconsistency, use supernotes://card_id=CARD_ID_HERE

  • Fix parent card icon being oversized when printing

  • Fix clicking on a menu button when menu is already open now closes it

  • Fix cards not minimizing correctly in Seamless Mode

  • Fix sidebar / rightbar closing unexpectedly when the Command Prompt is opened #1463 by @laff

  • Fix card preview glitching when scrolling and resizing window on desktop

  • Fix issue where breaking apart a list that was previously on the same line would duplicate the relevant list mark

Jan 16th, 2023
Email to Supernotes - Supernotes

Email to Supernotes

Now you can quickly send a card to your Supernotes library directly via email. The subject will become the card title, and the body of the email will become the card content with all formatting preserved. You can also forward emails to your Supernotes email, which is great for drafting replies or adding further notes.

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Improvements & Fixes

  • Add new "Email to Supernotes" functionality #552 by @camflint

  • Add new hotkey, Ctrl / Cmd + Comma, to open 'User Preferences'

  • Improve settings, moving API & Integrations into their own sub-menu

  • Improve filter UX - hovering over icons will now clearly indicate inversion

  • Improve fluidity of menus on mobile

  • Fix import help information to link to the correct Help Center article

  • Fix typo on signup / login screen

  • Remove haptics on mobile navigation #1417 by @0cacc0cb

Dec 16th, 2022

New User Preferences

If you like to write in multi-languages or have complex terminology where spellcheck gets in the way, now you can disable it in the User Preferences. We've also added the ability to change your 'Default Sort Order' preference, for example if you prefer your cards to be Alphabetical by default.

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Improvements & Fixes

  • Add new 'Recent' sort which includes previously opened cards

  • Add new 'Reset Target Date' button to Calendar

  • Add new 'Disable Spellcheck' user preference #1397 by @maxlinworm

  • Add new 'Default Sort Order' user preference #1416 by @JamesT

  • Add ability to escape the Cheatsheet, by pressing esc if it is in focus #1405 by @jacob_epsilon

  • Improve performance of confirmation modals

  • Simplify filters – click on an active filters icon to invert it into a NOT filter

  • Fix manage friends dropdown not opening

  • Fix uppercase letters within tags breaking filtering

  • Fix dragging issues on Safari

  • Re-add 'Mine' filter as 'Mine (Your Name)' #1394 by @tinkerware

Dec 1st, 2022
Quick-copy code blocks - Supernotes

Quick-copy code blocks

Many developers use Supernotes to store code snippets. With this update, you can copy an entire code block in a single-click with the new quick-copy button. When viewing a card in display mode you can find it in the bottom right-hand corner of the code block. Super handy for those frequently used console commands or code templates.

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Improvements & Fixes

  • Add copy code block functionality #944 by @laff

  • Add OR operator to filters #833 by @noremac

  • Improve the card sharing options to be more clear

  • Improve mobile sheet swipe to dismiss area

  • Improve syncing of cards and realtime updates between clients

  • Improve bio field to be larger for a better typing experience

  • Improve 'Unpin all' to collapse the rightbar on large screens

  • Fix bug where signing out wouldn't remove notifications

  • Fix bug where users were able to add themselves as friends

  • Fix bug where you can't continue editing a card after opening the parent menu #1391 by @daniela1

  • Re-add support for shift-dragging to move cards between parents

  • Replace 'Me' with current user's full name

Nov 18th, 2022

Improvements & Fixes

  • Add "Empty Junk" progress indicator

  • Add "Restart app" button in Settings

  • Add confetti when you upgrade to Unlimited / open Lifetime status modal (if applicable)

  • Add support for URL deeplinks in iOS and Android apps

  • Add haptic feedback to mobile toolbar navigation

  • Improve deeplink verification and support for Linux apps

  • Improve "Sign Out" location, moving it within Settings to prevent misclicks / mistaps

  • Fix bug where non-kept cards would be removed from your library

  • Fix Cmd / Ctrl + clicking a card name, to open a card in a new tab with the correct url

  • Fix form fields misaligning with long errors

  • Fix previous ghost role perms causing cards to crash, and bump them to reader perms

  • Fix delete option from sharing options menu being show if insufficient perms

  • Fix focus not switching to the adjacent card when the previous card is junked

  • Hide "Open in Noteboard" button if card is being edited in preview

  • Remove cards from view immediately once archived / invisible

  • Re-add webhook support to the API

Nov 10th, 2022
Simpler Interface - Supernotes

Simpler Interface

We're proud to introduce a new, more fluid interface after months of testing. On desktop, the keyword search has been combined with filters so you can drill down in your knowledge in a single keystroke (Ctrl / Cmd + F) – filter by multiple keywords, tags and more. We've reworked the Overview pane, into three distinct collapsible sections, Collections, Calendar and Outline. On mobile there are new 'Pinned' and 'Invitations' tabs. Discover all the changes in the in-depth list below, or try them now...

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Faster API

We've overhauled our API for better performance, now with batch card updates. You can bulk update a bunch of cards within a single request. This new API paves the way for more robust integration and offline support which will be coming in a subsequent update. You can check out the new API here.

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Improvements & Fixes

  • New 'Calendar' section replaces 'Daily' to jump to any day of the month

  • New 'Sort Cards' sub-command

  • New Empty Junk button in noteboard options, to leave / delete all junked cards at once #802 by @yistic

  • New Friends and Filters commands

  • New Invitations tab, for friend requests and card invitations

  • New Pinned tab on mobile #1339 by @kakka0930

  • New Tasks collection, showing all cards with at least one unchecked todo item #731 by @marekvdhoeven

  • Add 'Go home' noteboard prompt, for when there are no cards in Junk / Tasks

  • Add v/daily/today url path to go to today's date #1047 by @rcavin

  • Add ability to resize the sidebar #850 by @idurand

  • Add deep linking support to desktop and mobile apps – use supernotes://card_id=${cardId} to open any card in preview

  • Add display title option to Graph View #974 by @reywright

  • Add keyboard support for toggling sidebars, Ctrl / Cmd + Shift + 9 / 0 #1236 by @chuckharmston

  • Add over 1000 new icons, with iconography being updated throughout the app

  • Add startup screen to desktop apps

  • Add support for keyword filters #351 by @austinjaney #102 by @Valery_Kondakoff

  • Add zooming / panning support to images #311 by @daniela1

  • Improve Outline to have sorting functionality and faster updates

  • Improve display of expired API keys in the interface

  • Improve Junk to be fixed at the bottom over the overview

  • Improve Overview into three distinct collapsible sub-sections; Collections, Calendar & Outline

  • Improve performance of interface across all apps

  • Improve Pinned pane, with empty pins graphic

  • Improve themes for enhanced contrast on different screens #1325 by @tinkerware

  • Improve User profiles, with support for pending friend requests

  • Mobile and Desktop apps now require login / signup authentication via a web browser

  • Open Filters with Cmd / Ctrl + F #1257 by @JamesT #630 by @daniela1

  • Redesign 'Restore', 'Leave' and 'Delete' options always visible

  • Redesign card invites, to have 'Accept', 'Decline' options always visible

  • Refine Daily view covers on desktop, since Calendar is now present in the sidebar

  • Refine Noteboard options, with sub-menus for views, sort and data transfer

  • Rename 'Remove for Me' to 'Leave' for better clarity when deciding to do this or to junk a card

  • Rework and move Filters to be a sleeker dropdown interface in the notevisor #1076 by @fredmarkle #391 by @laff

  • Rework Friends to be it's own modal with improved search, invites requests #1258 by @JamesT

  • Rework URLs, with three main paths v/card, v/daily and v/collection

  • Fix cannot collapse the sidebar in the iPadOS app #1291 by @0cacc0cb

  • Fix newly added notecard drops to bottom of current noteboard whilst editing #1267 by @JamesT

  • Fix parent information not syncing between cards #912 by @fredmarkle

  • Fix sorting not working while searching, since search keywords are now a filter. #206 by @kareldries

  • Fix typing experience to be more fluid on Android #1255 by @ThomNov

  • Fix visibility to be persistent, if 'New Card Visibility' is 'Priority' #562 by @daniela1

  • Remove 'Private Invitation' share links, all share links from now on will publish the card on a secret web link

  • Remove ghost role

  • Remove Inbox collection, card invites can now be found in 'Invitations' tab

Aug 31st, 2022

Improvements & Fixes

  • Add new mobile startup / loading screen

  • Fix "share" menu options not copying to clipboard on Android - #1260 by @taylor_venable

  • Fix "start typing" prompt not appearing with no cards - #1259 by @tomgudlek

  • Fix unable to update account settings with short usernames - #1250 by @ian

  • Fix card previews from overflowing into the toolbar on desktop

  • Fix print artifact bugs #1208 by @kakka0930

  • Fix bug where email change notification would spawn after account update

  • Improve Import to add original file creation as targeted date property #1241 by @maurelius

  • Disable tabbing mechanic on a card parent badge (will be re-introduced for accessibility soon) - #1219 by @JamesT

Jul 29th, 2022

Improvements & Fixes

  • Improve drag and drop card name tooltips to include preview content and better contrast

  • Improve performance of switches across the platform

  • Improve copy of email change notification

  • Improve mac hotkeys so that ctrl does not mirror cmd

  • Improve toolbar buttons on mobile so they don't toggle the active view

  • Improve hotkey to pin cards to include 'Alt Graph' for windows devices #1158 by @Prescott

  • Improve link title autofetch to support all of UTF-8 including Korean

  • Improve Command Prompt search algorithm to bring up more relevant results

  • Fix issue where cards would lock preventing further editing

  • Fix invalid card links not responding as intended

  • Fix pink screen flash on initial load

  • Fix cursor occasionally getting stuck when trying to edit a card

  • Fix issue where card content was not clickable on fade out before 'see more'

  • Fix a new parent badge from flashing on and off immediately after it is added

  • Fix long card names from overflowing in the Outline on mobile

  • Fix visual bug of titles on mobile sheets

  • Fix screen rotation from breaking the interface on tablet devices

Jul 15th, 2022

Improvements & Fixes

  • Add tap to hold mechanic to friends list on mobile

  • Add improved error handling with error codes for faster support

  • Improve styled of open original image as a button

  • Fix opened images getting cropped in weird ways #1053 by @JamesT

  • Fix drag-and-drop uploaded gifs from becoming static

  • Fix UniversalCoupler and other popovers breaking the user interface

  • Fix date targeted sort option not being saved between sessions

  • Fix notifications to use the correct copy on mobile

Jul 6th, 2022
Better Mobile Apps for Everyone - Supernotes

Better Mobile Apps for Everyone

Supernotes for iOS and Android is now free for everyone in early access. We've made some big changes. There's a new long-press to create a card, larger tappable elements as well as swipeable menus, gestures and notifications. Performance is a lot better across iOS and Android. If you haven't tried the mobile app yet, click here to install for iOS and here for Android.

Try it now

Natural Language Dates

We've added natural language date support across the whole platform. Jump to any date from anywhere on the platform with the new 'Jump to Date' command (cmd / ctrl + d). Type in 'Today', 'Next Tues', '12th Sep' – and it will automatically recognise which date you are meaning. Cards you create that contain a date within the title will automatically assign a 'Targeted Date' to that card. Our Calendar menu now also includes an input so you can jump to any date easily from that menu.

Try it now

Improvements & Fixes

  • New notifications for improved performance and gesture support on mobile

  • New menus for improved performance and gesture support on mobile

  • New command prompt, with sub-commands and an updated feel and design

  • New 'Go to Day' sub command with natural language support (Cmd / Ctrl + D)

  • Add tap hold ( + ) action, to quickly create a new card on Mobile

  • Add targeted date to card automatically upon finish if the title contains a date #867 by @zebranky

  • Add export support on mobile, save your cards as markdown, zip or json #1098 by @freisatz

  • Add "View Lock" switch so you can persist the way you display you cards while navigating your hierarchy #1102 by @fredmarkle

  • Add support for the hardware back button / gesture on Android #1122 by @DatenRaten

  • Add create a new card directly from command prompt #261 by @freisatz

  • Improve join card dialog to be a new sub command

  • Improve calendar to include date input with natural language support

  • Improve code syntax highlighting themes to be clearer and more consistent

  • Fix image overflow issues when view a card in display mode #405 by @laff and #1053 by @JamesT

  • Fix choice of View for a parent not syncing correctly between sessions #1102 by @fredmarkle

  • Fix Universal Coupler freezing interface #1101 by @fredmarkle

Jun 1st, 2022

Improvements & Fixes

  • Add support for all four themes with embedded cards

  • Add Space keybind to escape the Universal Coupler

  • Add ability to drag and drop card names into the editor to create links to those cards

  • Add a console greeting for developers

  • Add scroll to top shortcut by clicking above the noteboard

  • Add "attempt to join" button for getting access to a shared card if accessible via inheritance

  • Improve syncing of cards with better status information

  • Improve "Inverted" card click mechanic to include shift-clicking

  • Improve "Uh Oh" and "Universal Coupler" dialog to include better help

  • Improve display and performance of large graphs (1000+ cards)

  • Improve performance of images

  • Improve themes on Android and Web app

  • Merge list marks when pasting a list item onto an existing list item

  • Fix Daily Collection heatmap using incorrect colours on certain themes #1046 by @noremac

  • Fix automatic theme not working on select Android devices #1080 by @DatenRaten

  • Fix text of certain menus being clipped on Windows #1092 by @michaeldurland

  • Fix plain pasting not functioning correctly on Windows

  • Fix friends title to prevent it from being right aligned if you have no friends

  • Fix Cmd / Ctrl + J to take you to the correct join card dialog

Mar 28th, 2022
Even more Super Editor - Supernotes

Even more Super Editor

Images can now be added via drag and drop, as well as being pasted directly inline. We've also added support for fetching webpage titles automatically when pasting links, more characters are recognised to wrap text upon selection and we have added a few new hotkeys. See below for more details.

Try it now

Improvements & Fixes

  • Add spell check to editor on mobile

  • Add ability to Go to Today by pressing "Go to Daily" twice - #908 by @daniela1

  • Add image pasting inline in the editor #128 by @jimmy

  • Add drag-and-drop image support to editor

  • Add targeted date sort order #882 by @fredmarkle

  • Add comment editing functionality

  • Add support for variable whitespace between - and [ ] for checkboxes

  • Add support for fetching webpage titles automatically when pasting links #709 by @MarkoUX

  • Add removal of tags from the registry in the Tag Coupler

  • Add Locate in Outline hotkey, Cmd + Shift + O #906 by @JamesT

  • Add code wrap hotkey, Cmd + . to editor

  • Add LaTeX wrap hotkey, Cmd + j to editor

  • Add backtick, *, _ and ~ as a selection wrap option in editor

  • Add <kbd> support in editor, with fancy rendered keys in display mode

  • Add new 'Book Onboarding' option in the Help menu

  • Re-add quick link feature #848 by @JamesT

  • Re-add escape to close modal dialogs and image preview #907 by @daniela1

  • Re-add ability to open Command Prompt while editing a card

  • Improve behaviour of cards in the Daily Collection #866 by @noremac

  • Improve syncing of cards between devices #912 by @fredmarkle

  • Improve Solo Mode to hide collaboration filters #498 by @Eatmoresushi

  • Improve hotkeys in markdown to have multi-line awareness, i.e. inline vs multi-line code-blocks / LaTeX

  • Improve share links to be more obvious with hover actions

  • Improve desktop app updates to update in the background

  • Fix chinese input bug #803 by @yistc

  • Fix content removal protection feature, so that blank cards cannot be created and content is still present in edit mode #830 by @fredmarkle

  • Fix monospace font library to include support for extended characters #838 by @dymch

  • Fix inconsistencies with tag deletion #829 by @fredmarkle

  • Fix irregular pasting behaviour in card titles #913 by @nucleogenesis

  • Fix issue where "really quit?" was not functioning correctly on the Desktop Apps #981 by @bartosz

  • Fix password reset form being case-sensitive to emails

  • Fix focusing issues between cards and noteboard

  • Fix performance issues #853 by @Novi

  • Remove 'Made with Supernotes' pdf watermark for subscribers #710 by @noremac

  • Removal of the fancy app update modal as updates now happen in the background - it looked soo cool

Feb 22nd, 2022

Improvements & Fixes

  • Improve cursor handling when editing populate cards, putting it to the bottom of the content

  • Improve 'Update is available' notification to be more helpful on Mobile App

  • Fix issue where some Unlimited users were unable to create new notecards #803 by @dymch, @JamesT

  • Fix issue where users could not click on the top part of a long card within Preview

  • Fix automatic dark mode not being in sync with user's system

  • Fix pasting in an input field / comments creating a new card

  • Fix initial click not registering when switching between title / body of a card in edit mode

  • Fix Outline 'more options' ellipsis glitching on touch devices when opening a card

  • Fix 'Go to Thoughts' in the Command Prompt to display correct hotkey (cmd / ctrl + shift + y)

  • Fix issue with Daily View and Day Heatmap not updating correctly with new targeted dates

  • Fix issue on Windows where app would half-close on quit #817 by @laff

  • Fix issue on Mobile App where the friend item popover would pop up in the wrong place

  • Fix issue on Mobile App where text would not be auto-capitalised when starting a new sentence #807 by @michaeldurland

Feb 18th, 2022

Introducing Supernotes 2, the biggest update we've ever done! In this release, we've added two new views (Graph, Broadsheet), a brand new Super Editor, a new place for daily journalling, and much much more. Here's everything that's new...

Graph View - Supernotes

Graph View

Visualise all the connections between your cards in our new graph view in 3D and 2D. Supernotes displays both hierarchical (solid and straight) and linked card relationships (dotted and curved) at the same time. Single-click on nodes to display cards in Preview, or use the hotkeys such as shift + click to open and alt + click to pin cards. We've also included a fullscreen toggle and a play button so you can sit back and journey through your galaxy of knowledge.

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Broadsheet View - Supernotes

Broadsheet View

Our all-new Broadsheet view introduces a newspaper-style layout to Supernotes. It will automatically create up to 5 columns for you to read vertically. Great for fitting more information on a screen. Your preferred view type for each parent will be saved and synchronised between sessions.

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Daily Collection - Supernotes

Daily Collection

The previous "Today" collection has been supercharged into the Daily Collection, which allows you to navigate to any date, not just Today. Switch between a Weekly (List View) or Monthly (Broadsheet View) planner. We've also included a Calendar dropdown, so you can quickly select a day / set targeted date. Day objects have a "heatmap" to quickly indicate how many cards you have on any given day. Drag-and-drop is also supported for cards + dates, so you can easily move a card to a different date, setting the new "targeted date" property.

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Super Editor

We've enriched our Markdown typing experience with our new Super Editor. It greys out the markdown syntax and renders elements as they would be presented in display view. i.e. bold is bold, code is syntax-highlighted and monospaced etc. Multi-cursor support is included as well - just select some text and press cmd / ctrl + D to quickly select all instances of that phrase and modify it in one fell swoop. You can also reorder lines by the alt + / .

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Mobile Apps Early Access

Our Android and iOS apps continue to be in early access and have been further optimised for Supernotes 2. Upgrade today to receive your exclusive invite to the Supernotes mobile app.

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Improvements & Fixes

  • New "Templates" Universal Coupler (UC) option to save the content of your card as a template for future use #238 by warum7

  • New “Add Friends” dropdown to quickly add a friend to a card

  • New "Backlink transclusion", see the snippet of text where that card was mentioned

  • New “Targeted Date” property to override the default creation date (primarily for the new Daily collection)

  • New “Locate” button on Priority cards helps you quickly find them in the Outline #679 by JamesT

  • New "Preview History" to go back and forth between cards when navigating entirely in the Preview

  • New "Quick-actions" dropdown for each card in the Outline

  • New "Reset Filters" button

  • New "Random" card sorting option #386 by APNext

  • New "Google Keep import", with titles, content, colors and labels all preserved

  • New "Add card here" command, to quickly add cards while in a parent #227 by tekacs

  • New "Start Week on" preference for the Calendar, can be either "Monday" or "Sunday"
  • New "Card Visibility" preference, default is now "Priority" or revert to "Visible"
  • New "Clickbindings" preference to invert card name click behavior #626 by Colin

  • New "Solo mode" to hide collaboration features (experimental) #498 by lkostrowski

  • New "Cards Left" modal - to help Starter users quickly identify ways they can get more cards
  • New "Invite by Email" modal - to quickly send invites to add friends onto Supernotes
  • New "Student pricing" with 25% off Unlimited with Monthly plan or save 50% with Yearly plan
  • Add colors to card titles (if applicable) in the Seamless View

  • Add total card count to Home Item in Outline #190 by Valery_Kondakoff

  • Add step-by-step instructions to Import as well as best practices

  • Add the ability to link to another card from within the preview

  • Add the UC shortcut keys to each item #175 by Valery_Kondakoff

  • Add a QR code to the referral code modal
  • Add editing behaviour where hotkeys can be used without text selection #275 by PeixeDev

  • Add Currency conversion from GBP to USD & EUR in pricing
  • Add tap top of screen on iOS app to scroll to top #188 by Valery_Kondakoff

  • Improve design of the Universal Coupler (“Add Element…” menu)

  • Improve UC results to include more card information such as parents

  • Improve UC hotkey to operate in both the card name and body

  • Improve sharing for a simpler / cleaner interface

  • Improve Share codes to ‘Share links’, click on them to display a QR code and additional sharing options

  • Improve Preview design and remove top bar for increased screen space

  • Improve live updates in Outline, with fancy animations when new cards are added

  • Improve Import location and move it into the Noteboard Options menu (previously in the User Menu)

  • Improve Import so that cards import in current view e.g. inside a parent card

  • Improve Confirmation modal design to be cleaner and clearer

  • Improve search algorithm for more accurate results

  • Improve all themes' color palettes, with "Zinc" receiving a complete renovation for enhanced contrast.
  • Improve referrals so referred users automatically become friends with you
  • Improve performance when switching to new views – cards are immediately displayed with no loading
  • Improve performance of card list view and transitions
  • Improve fuzzy search algorithm #739 by JamesT

  • Fix issue with root-level cycles disappearing in Outline

  • Fix deleted cards not propagating correctly between multiple clients open at the same time #790 by michaeldurland

  • Fix Today / Thoughts View displaying incorrect card counts #575 by jawsh

  • Fix issue with undo not functioning correctly in editor #135 by daniela1, #404 by laff

  • Fix issue where multiple filters were occasionally not working correctly #637 by samuelkleos

  • Remove Lifetime plan option
Oct 11th, 2021

Improvements & Fixes

  • Use [Shift] + [Enter] to open cards directly from the command prompt
  • Card links now support all the different clickbindings (single-click preview, double-click open etc.)
  • Card links now support all the different clickbindings (single-click preview, shift-click open, alt-click to pin)
  • Show notification when user account info is updated, such as a change in email
  • Fix numbered lists not displaying on same line
  • Fix incorrect numbers of cards on today / thoughts view #575 by jawsh, Malte

  • Fix real-time sync features not working consistently #627 by Colin

  • Fix issue with card creation not being allowed even when not in Preview mode #597 by ktburn

  • Remove enormous tray icon on Mac #655 by @daniela1, @MarkoUX

Sep 14th, 2021

Better Export functionality

Now you can export all the cards current view as individual markdown files in a single zip with name, content and card links preserved. You can still export all cards as a single markdown file, and now card content headings are demoted so only H1 (#) titles are the subsequent card titles.

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Improvements & Fixes

  • Improve styling of lists with support for large numbers (such as 2021)
  • Improve styling of successive images in a card
  • Add ability to paste url over selected text during edit mode #293 by daniela1

  • Add 'in progress' indicator to certain menu items
  • Add Import from Notion option
  • Add ability to edit card icon by clicking it during card edit mode
  • Auto-fill successive numbered list items
  • Swap external link indicator to be at the end – less jarring
  • Remember what size your desktop app window was previously when opening a new window
  • Fix iOS Share Sheet not sharing correct link #643 by daniela1

  • Fix irregular card padding
  • Fix keep button width in card member manager
Sep 1st, 2021

Improvements & Fixes

  • Improve Onboarding experience
  • Improve security and user verification, using Google's reCAPTCHA and Cloudflare delivery
  • The "Thoughts" Collection now only includes cards you can edit
  • Copy link to clipboard on iOS now opens the native share page
  • Add a 'This card is not joinable' status to shared non-joinable cards viewed on the platform
  • Add a notification to let users know if they are running on an old version of Supernotes
  • Fix upgrade modal not dismissing correctly in desktop apps
  • Fix the pinned sidebar being open randomly
  • Fix unfinished draft prompt when trying to create a new linked card
  • Fix pending member icon glitch on small devices
  • Remove defunct publishing switch from Readers creating new cards within a parent
Jun 19th, 2021

Improvements & Fixes

  • Add go-to-web for billing / subscription management

  • Prevent auto-closing of preview if holding down ESC to cancel editing #546 by freisatz

  • Add right click to desktop apps, for spellcheck and more!
  • Migrate email provider for faster and more reliable emails
  • Fix uploading images on mobile #588 by freisatz

  • Fix inability to close app when editing card, now a pop up spawns #587 by rlivett

  • Fix incorrect number of today / thoughts cards #558 by lily, jawsh

  • Fix import issues #503 by nlstrait

  • Fix consistency issues between views on slow connections #579 by jawsh

  • Fix 'Add element' popover to be off screen on long cards #544 by kareldries, @alexwilkom, @FreezerburnV

  • Fix plain pasting [cmd / ctrl + shift + v] on desktop apps
  • Fix background colors not being displayed when printing on desktop apps
  • Fix jittery animation with share code drawer
Jun 1st, 2021

Improvements & Fixes

May 16th, 2021
Desktop Apps Early Access 🖥 - Supernotes

Desktop Apps Early Access 🖥

You can now download Supernotes for Desktop on your Mac, Windows or Linux. We also have support for ARM architectures, including shiny Apple Silicon. These desktop apps are currently in early access, so if you have any feedback or suggestions please let us know over on the Community Forum.

Try it now

Up to 5x Faster for large libraries ⚡️

Speed is important, and even though Supernotes has never been considered slow, performance is our top priority. We have done some major reworks under the hood, so everything will load even faster – blink and you will miss it! For users with especially large card libraries, you should see the most improvement.

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Covers 📰

Every Noteboard now has a cover at the top, which quickly shows the information about where you are. Don’t like the new covers? You can hide them with one click using the up arrow in the bottom right of each cover.

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Thoughts Collection 💭

Many of you already have 1000s of cards on Supernotes, and sometimes it can be hard to surface cards that you haven't looked at in a while. In an attempt to make it easier to find those cards, we've added a new collection called 'Thoughts' – these are "lonely" cards that either don't have a name/content or don't have any parent/child cards. With the Thoughts section, you can flesh them out, junk them if they are no longer relevant, or just leave them in Thoughts to help you find them later. Let us know what you think over on the Community and if you have suggestions for other default collections.

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API Keys and Security Improvements 🔐

You can now generate API keys from within the new settings menu, paving the way for future integrations and use-cases. We've majorly improved the experience around logging in, so that you will need to do it much, much less frequently while still maintaining a high level of security! We have also made some major improvements to the API, which you can find here.

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User Settings, Preferences and more Themes 🎨

We've moved things around a bit, so now all your settings reside in the new "Settings" menu. Here you can access the new "User Preferences" screen, which allows you to customise whether your cursor spawns in the title or body of a new card, the hotkey used for opening up the card coupler, and set your themes. Speaking of themes, there are two new ones – a sepia-style theme called 'Deuterium' and a darker dark theme, 'Carbon'. The process of switching between themes should now be much faster as well.

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Improvements & Fixes

  • Add author filter to user profile
  • Add webhook support via the API
  • Add faster and better animations
  • Add custom scrollbars for Windows & Linux
  • Add background loading of entire card library #230 by tekacs

  • Sort the outline (f.k.a. card tree) alphabetically
  • Remember scroll position when switching between views
  • Move tips to live at the top of the Noteboard
  • Display children with multiple parents in all locations in the outline
  • Improve clickable area while editing card #513 by daniela1

  • Improve Inbox styling with blue notifications
  • Improve handling of real-time card collaboration
  • Improve the way permissions are handled #488 by kareldries

  • Reduce the font size of LaTeX math blocks
  • Fix pin panel opening during unrelated actions
  • Fix friend requests not providing much feedback
  • Fix links to new cards not always being applied #273 by kareldries

  • Remove support for custom image sizes
Jan 20th, 2021

Improvements & Fixes

  • Improve redirect handling
  • Update pricing options to include 1:1 Onboarding
  • Other minor backend improvements
Jan 16th, 2021

Improvements & Fixes

  • Greatly improve load time performance of the sidebar / card tree.

  • Clicking on a user's name in an embedded / public card page will now open the user's public profile.

  • Add footnotes to cheatsheet

  • Add blockquote to Cheatsheet #421 by @The_Declaration

  • Fix duplicated recent cards in Sidebar by #331 @nikita.korobkin.

  • Fix issue with pinboard blocking view on small screens.

  • Fix bug where comments could be displayed as coming from the wrong user

Dec 23rd, 2020

Improvements & Fixes

  • Improve support for embeds / share pages with older browsers

  • Improve drag and drop support on Safari

  • Fix visual bug where logo link overlays scrollbar #412 by @laff

  • Fix bug where LaTeX was rendering in \mathrm by default

Dec 21st, 2020
Share Pages 📮 - Supernotes

Share Pages 📮

Quickly share a single card with a friend even if they don’t have a Supernotes account, using a secure link. Great for sharing recipes, concepts or notes. Your friends can then add this card to their library on Supernotes, with your permission. You can now create multiple share codes with different permissions, and cards no longer have a share code by default for increased security and privacy.

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Embeddable Cards 🖼

Writing an article? Now you can embed your Supernotes cards directly within your blog, just like embeddable tweets but with **markdown**. No flex or anything. Here are some great examples of how you can use them.

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Today View 🌞

Introducing a new view where you can see on just your notes that you have created / edited today. Perfect when you want to focus on what you are working on right now.

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Improvements & Fixes

  • Add persistent pinning between devices
  • Add pinning functionality for mobile devices
  • Add shortcut to immediately open the filters
  • Add easter egg (find it and tweet us)
  • Fix visual artefacts in cheatsheet
  • Fix archive button incorrectly showing when users don't have permission
  • Fix font reflows when changing theme
  • Fix page title not wiping on session timeout
Nov 26th, 2020

Improvements & Fixes

  • Add powershell syntax highlighting #369 by @Durrahan

  • Fix bug where subscription recurring date was using minutes instead of months

  • Fix bug where user would not be logged out if session expires

Oct 14th, 2020

Improvements & Fixes

  • Add parents to backlinks

  • Overhaul the look and feel of links and backlinks

  • Fix bug where viewing share details of card would white screen

  • Fix and improve offline card handling

  • Fix long parent names overflowing

Oct 1st, 2020

Improvements & Fixes

  • Rework what actions 'edit' a card, now if you publish / archive / add a color to a card it will no longer count as an edit

  • Fix gifs from being compressed and becoming a static image

  • Fix perms glitch where shared users were unable to open / edit a card

  • Fix 404 page not displaying correctly at certain widths

Sep 23rd, 2020

Improvements & Fixes

  • Add ability to share cards with an actual link, this replaces the previous message + share code.

  • Add dedicated hotkeys for"Go to Home / Inbox / Junk" – Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + H / I / J

  • Add Toggle Dark / Light mode command to the command prompt

  • Add a swanky new 404 page to redirect you to Home

  • Simplify friends / member list to only show names, and reveal usernames on hover

  • Fix theme inconsistencies for colored cards
  • Fix height bug for users with 15+ friends
  • Fix role selector bug
Sep 18th, 2020

Improvements & Fixes

  • Improve import in Safari browsers
  • Fix card minimise functionality to show button even when card has no content
  • Fix overflow and autofocus issues with the command prompt and friends
Sep 15th, 2020
Pinning 📌 - Supernotes

Pinning 📌

Need to keep track of a few cards? Now you can pin them! Alt + click on any title or use the 'Pin' button in the more card options menu to pin any card. Once the pin panel is open, you can also drag and drop cards to add them. As pinning requires a bit more screen real estate this feature is Desktop only for now.

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Visibility 🌗

We have replaced Indexing / Undexing with a three stage Visibility option. All your cards which were 'Indexed' are now marked as 'Priority' and show up in the card tree. By default cards are now 'Visible' and show up in the command prompt etc. Finally we have 'Invisible' cards which is reserved for cards that you no longer want to see on a daily basis. Visibility is personal and configurable only by you – no one else will know you have made their card invisible!

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Import 🗳

You can now quickly migrate from your previous note-taking apps. Import your Roam Research / Obsidian database or any other markdown files in bulk. Best of all, all imports don't eat into your card limit, they only count once you start editing them (i.e keeping).

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Improvements & Fixes

  • Add ability to auto-suggest a card link from selected text in edit mode
  • Add ability for Authors to permanently remove a member of a card
  • Add image compression for faster load times
  • Add immediate parent to cards in the command prompt
  • Improve friends list to be sorted alphabetically
  • Improve syncing of the same cards across multiple browser windows
  • Improve sharing to display whether a member has kept a card or not
  • Improve modal handling on mobile devices
  • Fix coloured card border visual artefact
  • Fix junked cards from showing up in command prompt
Aug 14th, 2020

Character / Word Counter

Click the "characters remaining" when editing a card to switch between character counter and the remaining indicators.

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Improvements & Fixes

  • Permissions now propagate from parent cards. So if you change a member's permission in the parent it will change automatically for the child cards. No more updating every individual card! #228 by @tekacs

  • Sort by content length is another sort option. Manual sort is coming very soon.

  • Improved support for non-latin languages incl. Hebrew

  • Navigate between noteboard pages using keys – if you have more than 25 cards on one noteboard you will notice that pagination automatically kicks in. Flick between these pages using [cmd/ctrl] + [ and ].

  • Quick restore junked card – junked the wrong card? No problem, quickly undo your action using the new notification + restore button.

  • Maintain card sync state when deleting a comment

  • Fix bug which would allow self-referrals

  • Fix junked cards being present in backlinks list #223 by @rawkode.

  • Fix links not being formatted correctly on paste

  • Fix print bug w/ footer

Jul 17th, 2020

Improvements & Fixes

  • Improve font fallback support
  • Fix issue where some Unlimited users would not gain all benefits of the subscription
Jul 16th, 2020
Friends 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 - Supernotes

Friends 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧

You can now add your friends on Supernotes using their username or email! Share cards with them with our new drag & drop feature (below) - just drag a card onto their name! When a friend shares a card with you, you receive it in a new place called the Inbox, which lives just under the Home button in the Index. You can check out any of your friends by clicking their names to see their profile card. We have also added a Supernotes Score for your accounts, but these are hidden for now...

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Drag & Drop 🖱

You can now drag cards around! Oooh yeah. You can add cards inside of other cards simply by dragging onto their names. If you are looking at cards within a parent, move them into another parent by holding down [shift] when you click and drag (you will see the highlight color turn to orange). This is just the start of drag and drop, we will be adding the ability to manually sort your cards and more very soon.

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Command Prompt 🎮

The create / join card button in the bottom left has now been upgraded to a command prompt. You can summon it by clicking the plus button in the bottom left or using [cmd/crtl + k]. Use the command prompt to create / join cards as well as quickly switching between existing cards. We have many more commands to come, if you have any ideas, please let us know over on the Community Forum.

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Lifetime Plan 🌟

We are reintroducing our pricing plans after making Supernotes Unlimited free for everyone working from home during lockdown. We are also offering a new Lifetime plan for a limited time - pay once and never again! We encourage you to upgrade to help support the development of Supernotes - at the moment it's just two of us, Connor and Tobias, working day and night to build you the best shared knowledge management system. Your support means a lot to us.

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Improvements & Fixes

  • Add new sidebar toolbar for Index, Filters, Friends and Command Prompt
  • Add an 'Unminimise' indicator button when a card is minimised
  • Add sort by parent count
  • Add sort by permissions
  • Add sort by date joined
  • Add which user last edited the card in the more info card dropdown
  • Add markup to card link and parent couplers to differentiate between two cards of the same name
  • Add new Onboarding to replace product tour
  • Add link to video tutorials in Help
  • Improve mobile device support, with new toolbar snapping to the bottom
  • Improve member list to support profile pictures
  • Improve focus and error behaviour on input fields
  • Fix extra space between lines in nested lists
  • Fix viewport bug with iPad Mini
  • Fix visual artefacts when switching between filters and card tree
  • Fix modal sizing issues esp. on small screens
Jul 2nd, 2020

Improvements & Fixes

  • Improve Alphabetical sort to consider numerics/case by default
  • Checkboxes now support lowercase "x"
  • Fix issue where only the intial tag on a card was shown
Jun 27th, 2020

Improvements & Fixes

  • Add functionality where new linked/parent cards always contain the shared parent

  • Add Fn + Delete in Cheatsheet for Macs #92 by @Valery_Kondakoff

  • Add new card creation now uses blacklist rather than whitelist (and therefore supports more than just basic ASCII characters, like Cyrillic #93 by @Valery_Kondakoff

  • Fix cheatsheet inconsistencies on iOS and Android platforms

  • Fix image upload overflow and remove "drop" / "paste" hint on mobile devices #113 by @Valery_Kondakoff

  • Remove junked cards from the "Add Parent" menu #97 by @Valery_Kondakoff

  • Remove CSS styling when pasting from native apps like Pages etc. #83 by @thomasdotred

Jun 23rd, 2020

Pasting Improvements

You can now paste content without triggering the new “auto-formatting” behavior. Just hold down the SHIFT key while pasting (e.g. CTRL+SHIFT+V on Windows or CMD+SHIFT+V on Mac) and your content will be pasted without Supernotes trying to format it as Markdown. However, please continue to report any unexpected paste behavior to us, we’d like to make the magic formatting functionality as comprehensive as possible.

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Improvements & Fixes

  • Fix ESC key now closing modals as intended

  • Fix issue with wonky overflow for sign-in page on small screens

Jun 16th, 2020

Improvements & Fixes

  • Fix UI issues with the sidebar
Jun 15th, 2020

Improvements & Fixes

  • Improve performance of card management
  • Add ability to upload image by pasting within Image Coupler
Jun 14th, 2020

Improvements & Fixes

  • Improve pasting compatability and performance across browsers
  • Fix backlink issues
Jun 9th, 2020

Improvements & Fixes

  • Add auto-convert to markdown on paste
  • Improve card locking mechanics when someone else is editing a card
  • Fix cosmetic issues while scrolling
Jun 7th, 2020

Improvements & Fixes

  • Fix live updates between different clients
Jun 6th, 2020
Backlinks 🔗 - Supernotes

Backlinks 🔗

We now have full support for bi-directional linking of your cards on Supernotes. Whenever you link to a card, a new backlinks (quotation) symbol will appear in the bottom right corner of the linked card, and show you a list of all the cards which link to it. Perfect for anyone building a Zettelkästen system on Supernotes!

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As part of our commitment to simplicity and security, we have now added Supernotes Single Sign-On. This allows you to sign-in with your Supernotes credentials to various associated services. The first of these is our new community forum. Many of you said you'd like to sign in to the Community Forum (formerly on Spectrum) with your Supernotes account (rather than having to create a separate one), and now you can! We have also decided to host the forum ourselves so that your data won't live with 3rd-party services. So check it out!

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Improvements & Fixes

  • Add account deletion button, with email confirmation
  • Add sort by child count
  • Add sort by backlink count
  • Add a 'card hasn't synced' indicator with retry button
  • Add auto list continuation and indentation support
  • Add a snazzy new favicon
  • Improve alphabetical sort to sort A - Z by default
  • Improve card joining support for parent cards with large amounts of children
  • Improve performance with joining and views
  • Fix issues with LaTeX math equations not rendering correctly
May 16th, 2020
Pagination 📑 - Supernotes

Pagination 📑

Have lots of cards in one view? Navigate between them faster than ever before with pagination. Use the new page navigation bar at the top and bottom of the view, to immediately find the card you are looking for. The other benefit of pagination is that it dramatically improves load times for views with 100+ cards in them!

Try it now

Improvements & Fixes

  • Add thumbnails for images as they are uploaded
  • Add C# code syntax highlighting support
  • Improve to-do lists, with automatic continuation in the editor
  • Fix issues with cursor focus in the editor
  • Fix username validation not working in all cases
  • Fix email validation not allowing certain valid email addresses
May 12th, 2020

Improvements & Fixes

  • Add a thumbnail preview before you upload an image
  • Add C# and ARM ASM syntax highlighting support
  • Add auto-continue task functionality, press enter will auto generate '- [ ]'
  • Improve pagination speed, auto-scrolling and reset to zero when changing views
  • Improve login to pick up where you left off
  • Fix visual bug where Universal Coupler would overflow
  • Fix issue where read-only cards appeared to be modifiable
Apr 26th, 2020

Improvements & Fixes

  • Fix issue with free Unlimited promotion not being applied correctly
Apr 24th, 2020

Improvements & Fixes

  • Improve auto focus with search inputs
  • Improve Noteboard searching, with a better tip, wiping search term between views and improving the performance
  • Fix issues with cutting a card
  • Fix long cards breaking local search
  • Fix issues with card creation if perms aren't present
Apr 21st, 2020

Improvements & Fixes

  • Fix auto-logout bug
Apr 21st, 2020

Improvements & Fixes

  • Improve cross-browser support for remembering cursor position between edits
  • Improve appearance with better backdrop values with open menus
  • Improve logout logic if a user session has expired
  • Fix issues with search
Apr 20th, 2020

We're excited to announce that Supernotes is finally out of beta and to celebrate we are launching this week on Product Hunt. Given the circumstances surrounding the current global pandemic we've decided to make Supernotes Unlimited free for everyone until July, read all about it here.

Cards with Icons & Colors 🎨 - Supernotes

Cards with Icons & Colors 🎨

You can now customise any of your cards with 7 bright colors and 1,850 different icons. This works especially well for parent cards, as the icons are always displayed in front of the title throughout the Supernotes platform. To assign a color or icon to a card, you can use the "quick-add" menu (click "+" or use hotkey: /) while editing a card.

Try it now

Improved Preview Mode 🖼

After collecting lots of feedback on the new Preview mode (introduced in 1.1), we have re-configured Preview to be much more ergonomic. It is now restricted to only appear on top of the Noteboard (not the entire screen). Additionally, clicking on any card title (or hitting space while focused on a card) will show the Preview. If instead you double-click on a card title (or hit shift + space while focused on a card) the card will open immediately in the Noteboard, allowing you to quickly see all of its child cards.

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Reintroducing Cutting ✂️

One of the best features of Supernotes is the hierarchical + graph structure you can build by nesting cards inside each other and by assigning multiple parents to a child card. However, sometimes life gets in the way and you need to sever these relationships. This can now be accomplished using the "cut" button, which can be found in the "parent-link" dropdown menu when editing a card. When you "junk" child cards which you have shared with other users, Supernotes will now ask you if you wish to "cut" the card from any of its parents as well.

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Dark Mode Refresh 🌚

Connor, our super CTO, often works late into the evening and is very particular about his dark mode! We have taken some time to rebalance our dark mode color scheme (along with a few UX tweaks) to make Supernotes even easier on the eyes for those long, late-night sessions. We have also improved the theme switcher (located in the user menu in the top right) to now have three values – light, dark, and automatic. If you have a device that supports a system-wide light/dark mode, "automatic" allows Supernotes to always reflect whichever mode is active on your device. Bonus: this theme preference is now saved, so when you come back after a break or log in on a different device, it will look how you left it.

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Improvements & Fixes

  • More speed improvements - almost all interactions happen in under 100ms
  • Supernotes now remembers what you were working on last, and redirects you there when logging back on
  • Added an 'index' button to cards - manually add cards to the card tree in the sidebar
  • Added a new Junk confirmation for shared cards
  • Added the ability to add multiple tags in one go
  • Added new code wrap & LaTeX hotkeys, cmd/crtl + d and cmd/crtl + l
  • Improved Connection status, moving it into the user menu
  • Improved "Seamless View" to be even more minimal - great for reading / personal cards
  • Improved Tablet/Mobile screen size support
  • Prevent frozen cards from being published to new locations
  • Renamed card 'links' to 'references' for greater clarity compared to external links
Mar 10th, 2020
Quick Preview 😎 - Supernotes

Quick Preview 😎

Now, when you click the name of a card, a quick preview window will pop up. This allows you to quickly view the content of a card, without losing focus on what you are working on. When you're done, you can dismiss the preview immediately by hitting [esc] or clicking anywhere outside of it. If you want to mount the card, just click on the button above the preview, or press [Shift] + [Space] at the same time. You can even scroll through the cards in the Noteboard without leaving preview by using the ↑ and ↓ keys.

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Card Links 🔗

This is a big one. Reference other cards inline using a new option in the quick-add menu. Then, click on the link to open the referenced card in the new Quick Preview mode. Super handy and dandy if you want to link to other cards without forcing them into a strict hierarchy. What this really means is that you can now use Supernotes as a fully-fledged Zettelkasten system.

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Make it GO FAST ⚡️

Supernotes should now run 2-4x faster! We are constantly optimizing the platform, aiming to make everything happen at speeds faster than 100ms. We want Supernotes to move in the blink of an eye.

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Bring on the Browsers ⛵

This update also brings significantly improved browser support. We now (tentatively) support Chrome, Safari, Brave, Firefox, Opera and Edge 80.

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Improvements & Fixes

  • Added the ability to zoom into images by clicking on them in display mode
  • Added support for Youtube, Vimeo and Prezi embedding
  • Added swipe to close sidebar
  • Added close button to all modals, and the ability to use [ESC] keybinding
  • Added the option to adjust the display size of images in Markdown
  • Added an external link indicator
  • Changed the contributor role icon to a Seedling
  • Fixed bold italic styles not rendering correctly
  • Fixed a bug which wouldn't correctly print an empty parent
  • Fixed sticky scrolling issue on iOS Safari
  • Fixed indefinite pink SN loading screen bug when logging in
  • Fixed sidebar transition getting stuck on mobile when adding / removing filters
Feb 17th, 2020
Export to Markdown - Supernotes

Export to Markdown

You can now export all the cards you are currently viewing to a single Markdown file! This is perfect for those times when you want to collate and organise all of your thoughts on Supernotes and then export them for use in a word processor later.

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Improvements & Fixes

  • Fixed a open card animation bug
  • Continuous loading bug when a user loads in an empty noteboard
  • Code blocks now wrap in print
  • Headers (H1, H2, H3) have been increased in size
  • Persist position of cursor when subsequently editing a card
  • Escape "quick add menu" if first character is space
Feb 10th, 2020
Quick-add emojis - Supernotes

Quick-add emojis

A lot of our users love to add emojis when they write. To make it a bit easier we have added an 'Emoji' option to the 'Quick add menu', so you can quickly search for the relevant emoji. Upon confirmation, the emoji character code will be added to your current cursor position.

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Cover Page on Print / Export

We redesigned the print / export to pdf. It is now formatted a lot better, especially with larger numbers of cards. If printing from within a parent, the parent card and its join code are now bundled on a beautiful cover page, with the child cards on subsequent pages. This is super handy when sharing notes with people who do not have Supernotes yet or when you require a hard copy.

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Improvements & Fixes

  • Added the ability to include spoilers in Markdown using !
  • More helpful hints on how to use the platform
  • More keybindings (Press space to open a card)
  • Improved profile picture upload in account settings
  • Reworked keybindings to be more ergonomic
  • Restructure cheatsheet to be more relevant
  • Fixed a bug where cheatsheet would overflow on mobile
  • Fixed a bug where changes would be lost when switching between editing cards
  • Fixed a bug where cursor position would be ignored when adding new elements with the quick-add menu
  • Fixed a bug where parent cards would change appearance in focused view
Dec 19th, 2019
New 'Focused View' - Supernotes

New 'Focused View'

You can now read through your cards distraction-free using the new 'Focused View'. This view fades the majority of the surrounding user elements, giving you a clear and focused experience.

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Improvements & Fixes

  • Dedicated buttons for opening/closing sidebar. Supernotes logo now links to home
  • Improved Card design, with greater width and contrast
  • Refresh of parent and tag managers to be clearer for the user, with more rigorous permissioning
  • Improvedmobile experience, with sidebar now only 90% width
  • Move Home button to be in the top bar
  • Simplify the Help menu
  • No child tip is now interactive, creating a card upon click
  • Refreshed a few icons, including the Share and Author icons
  • Reorder Sidebar tabs for more clarity, when card tab is not active
Nov 25th, 2019
Optimise Markdown - Supernotes

Optimise Markdown

In this update, our Markdown renderer has been fully optimised to be as fast as possible. We also included a few extra goodies allowing support for symbols such as --, (c), TM etc.

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Improvements & Fixes

  • Increased performance when searching for parents and tags
  • Unlimited upgrade is now a more harmonious transition
  • Fix bug where Share Code would be copied upon opening the share drawer
  • Fix the Product Tour from breaking, due to "type to create card"
  • Various small cosmetic fixes, including resolving inconsistencies with colors across the platform
Nov 3rd, 2019
Greater connection stability - Supernotes

Greater connection stability

We want to make sure Supernotes is reliable as possible. This patch focuses improves the stability of the connection of your device, especially when collaborating live with other users. We have also launched a status page, where you can check the status of our web site, app and api.

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Improvements & Fixes

  • Better contrast in Dark Mode and other color changes
  • More consistent font weights
  • Various ergonomic improvements
  • Losing edit mode no longer cancels the changes but "finishes" the card by default
  • Fix bug allowing multiple "authors" on a card / inheritance not working correctly in a few cases
  • Publishing choice is now respected when you join a card
  • Changing hidden or published in edit mode for a context now actually works properly
Oct 28th, 2019
Payments are live! - Supernotes

Payments are live!

We have integrated a payment gateway so you can upgrade to Unlimited! Perks include unlimited cards, priority support and much love from the team of Supernotes. Your continued support helps us improve the platform. You can find out more information on our new pricing page.

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Oct 24th, 2019
Permissions Rework - Supernotes

Permissions Rework

Based upon your feedback, we have reworked the permissions that different members can have on a card - making the six roles more defined and balanced. The most notable change being that moderators can now change permissions of other users. You can see the full list in our help documentation.

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Improvements & Fixes

  • Improve display of connection status
  • Fix card limit not displaying correctly
  • Fixed a bug where users were unable to save their account settings when they made no changes
Oct 14th, 2019

After eight months of development, we are incredibly excited to release Supernotes 1.0. Our first release is all about collaborating and building connections.

Card Hierarchies - Supernotes

Card Hierarchies

You can now add cards inside other cards to create a hierarchal structure, like with folders and files. Any card that has other cards inside of it will now visible in the sidebar. This allows you to interact with the 'parent' card itself in the sidebar while continuing to write 'child' cards in the main noteboard. Or, if is distracting to have the card on display while you're writing your notes, you can always minimise the sidebar by clicking the Supernotes logo.

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Share, join & comment cards

All of your cards are automatically assigned a four word share code, which you can send to your friends so they can add it to their card library as well. Share codes look something like this, supernotes great note app. You can set roles & permissions for new members so that different people are allowed to interact with the card in different ways, and if you want to temporarily disable sharing completely, you can freeze it at any time.

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Improved Tagging

Add new tags or pick ones you have already used with the brand new tag manager. You can summon it using the new "quick-add menu" by clicking the + in the top right or by typing + while editing a card. You can now add "personal" tags if you want to label a card with a tag that isn't relevant to others, e.g. if you find the content of a card difficult you could tag it for yourself as

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Dark Mode

Working late? No problem. We have you covered with Dark mode. Supernotes even detects if you are running a dark mode natively and will change accordingly.

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Mobile Support

You can now use Supernotes on mobile. Create, edit and join cards, all from your phone - with no loss of functionality from the desktop. Native apps are in the pipeline, but for now just bookmark Supernotes or add it as a web app to your home screen - you won't even notice the difference!

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Better Keybinding Support

Flick through your cards with the up and down arrows keys, minimise and expand cards with left and right arrow keys, and edit cards with enter.

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