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Supernotes is your new home for ideas, records, tasks, and lists. Enjoy efficient note-taking without the hassle.

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Revolutionary note-taking format

Introducing the notecard

No more bloated files for taking notes. Create simple yet powerful digital note-cards with rich and varied content, like math equations, tables, images, checklists, and emojis.

Effortless Organisation

Create a network of notes

Organise your note-cards into a hierarchy that suits you. Use filters, search and sorting to find any note, anywhere. Establish links between your thoughts - something never possible with a traditional document.

Intuitive collaboration

Share your cards in an instant

Your content is stored securely on our servers, making them accessible from all of your devices. You can keep your cards to yourself, or collaborate on them with friends & colleagues in real time!

Highly Efficient

Built for You

We understand that you don’t have much time on your hands, Supernotes takes care of lots of things for you, so you can focus. No formatting, no downloads, no loading screens. It just works!

No page loads. Instant search. Realtime sync.
Dark Mode
Always to hand, during the day and the night.
Designed for devices all shapes and sizes.
Powerful Editor
Write in Markdown with LaTeX Maths support.
Keyboard Controls
Use keybindings to quickly switch notes.
Print & Export
Export your notes as PDF or Markdown.
Private & secure

We don't snoop or sell your data.

Fast Support

Chat with us quickly within the app.

Extremely reliable

That's no joke, we have 99.999% API Uptime.

1000s of Happy Notetakers

We have an amazing community of Supernotes users around the world. We asked them why they love Supernotes so much:

“Supernotes lets me capture my thoughts, ideas, and notes at the "speed of thought". The combination of instant UI feedback and the excellent keyboard shortcuts combine to make me feel like a knowledge wizard!”

Read why James switched from Notion

“Within no time I had cards setup for each topic/project I want to keep track of, and had them organised as I wanted them.”

switched from Microsoft OneNote

“Love the design, card layout, somehow the design is easier on the cognitive front. Pulling up related cards are much easier than say Roam, Craft, and other apps.”

switched from Logseq

“The new right-hand pane, the UI, the keyboard shortcuts, the 1200 character limit, it being perfect for a zettelkasten, the export to markdown and PDF, embedding pictures. As a package, Supernotes is amazing.”

switched from Workflowy

“Supernotes is exceptional for organization. I can have hierarchy AND backlinks AND good UX ... The notecard format is amazing. It makes me think atomically.”

switched from Roam Research

“Phenomenal UX, the need for speed and being along for the ride. Lifetimer!”

switched from Notion

“Design! So clean, simple. I like the notecards, so much.”

switched from Notion

“Now that my notes are linked, organised and beautifully rendered, they are so much more useful!”

switched from Google Keep

“Supernotes is clean, simple, easy to focus with ... rivals the organisational powers of Evernote

switched from Evernote

“Beautiful product design. Endless small little touches!”

switched from Apple Notes

“Switching from Google Docs and using Supernotes to organise my case and lecture notes has changed my life!”

switched from Google Docs

“The UI is very aesthetically pleasing and there's continuous innovation with new features and functionality.”

switched from Apple Notes

“I can organize all of the information that is valuable for me in one place. I feel that I do not just dump my knowledge into some sink, which, much like a black hole, won't ever expose that information again. On the contrary, I feel great relief once I filed some information as I can be certain that anytime I need that information, Supernotes will present it to me.”

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