Learning simplified.

Supernotes is a unified tool that helps you take notes, organise materials, and collaborate — so that you focus on what matters: Netflix learning.
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Share notes as easily as you type them

Supernotes education notecards

Create simple yet powerful digital notecards with varied and rich content, such as math equations, tables, checklists, and emojis. Once you’ve made a card, it can be instantly shared and you can start collaborating with your friends.

Supersedes Supernotes supersedes existing notetaking apps

Learning in one place


Gone are the days of having notes in 100 different folders spread across 10 different apps. With Supernotes, your notes are all in the same place and are accessible anytime, anywhere. And with file upload support coming soon, you’ll be able to keep everything on Supernotes, not just your own stuff.

Supersedes Supernotes supersedes existing file storage services

Wave goodbye to procrastination

We want to help you stay productive. On Supernotes, you can see when your friends are working alongside you, and then send “likes”, make comments, and encourage each other. Learning is so much more fun when you do it with your friends, so if you get addicted to studying, don’t blame us. 😉

Supersedes Supernotes supersedes existing focusing tools


Early Bird Season

Our payment plans are coming soon. In the meantime enjoy Supernotes for free while we are still in beta. It’s a steal, but don’t take our word for it. Take it for a spin!

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