Introducing the 4 Year license

Tuesday, 5th December 2023

Introducing the 4 Year license

Today, we’re excited to introduce a new payment option, the Unlimited 4-Year License, after which you can continue reading, editing and sharing your existing Supernotes knowledge base, absolutely free.

We released the Supernotes Beta four years ago and a lot has changed in that time, with the addition of apps for every major platform and a much richer feature set. Alongside that, we’ve had a number of pricing changes to reflect our goals and growth as a company. In 2021, we phased out our Lifetime plan, which we know disappointed some of you. Although we still don’t believe having a Lifetime plan is the right fit for Supernotes as a business, we think this new long-term payment option is a superb successor to the ethos surrounding it.

Supernotes exists because of you, our community. Your support means we can continue to build what you want, with a healthy amount of curation and direction from us, of course. We are proud to be an independent startup that is not reliant on venture capital pushing us in a direction to make a quick buck. We’ve built brand loyalty and reliability over these past years and are continuing to push updates every month.

As we continue to evolve and improve the platform, we hope this payment option offers a sustainable new way for you to support us for the next four years (and beyond), just as you’ve supported us for the last four.

Pay once, keep forever.

We understand that not everyone is a fan of subscription models, so with the 4-Year license you make a single payment. In exchange, you get access to all the Supernotes Unlimited features for four years at a significant discount (over 50%). After those four years, you’ll get to keep, read, edit and share all those notes indefinitely, even if you don’t purchase another 4-year license (or switch to a subscription plan).

A single payment
Our 4-Year license is a single payment, not a recurring subscription

What’s inside?

The 4-Year license gives you all the benefits Unlimited (and a special gift from us to the planet, more on that later);

  • Unlimited cards – write as much as you like
  • Mac, Windows & Linux Apps – for a super-quick typing experience
  • Android & iOS Apps – for taking notes on the go
  • Full API access – build anything with Supernotes
  • Feature previews – early access to new features before they’re generally available
  • Priority support – even on evenings and weekends
  • Verified badge – on your profile to show your support

No subscription. Continue for free.

During these four years, we’re confident you will build an incredible personal knowledge base. And once those years are up, don’t worry, you will still be able to read, edit and share all your notes!

We have a very consumer-friendly policy. Unlike many other platforms, we don’t lock you out once your subscription / license ends. On Supernotes, your notes are always yours and accessible, even if you decide not to renew an Unlimited plan. You will also continue to receive updates, absolutely free, bringing you new functionality every single month – whether that’s a new way to visualize your knowledge or share it with your friends.

The only thing you won’t be able to do is create more cards. If after four years you want to continue creating new content and supporting our continued efforts to innovate, you can purchase another 4-year license, or one of our monthly or yearly subscription plans – whatever suits you best.

Lowest price guaranteed

Our most affordable price

Everyone saves 50% with the 4-Year license which matches our recent Black Friday promotion, but for much longer.

If you are a student, you can save even more – getting a total of 63% off compared to the standard monthly price. The 4-Year license is our best discount available year-round, it will never be discounted more and there will never be a better price.

Why four years?

There’s some science behind this! Four years is the most common length of time for someone to spend in college and graduate education. And the median number of years that employees have worked for their current employer is around 4.1 years, according to an Economic News Release from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics 1. Four years is the perfect amount of time.

We’ll plant four trees on your behalf

Climate change is becoming more and more important, and we want to preserve your knowledge as well as the planet.

As a digital note-taking app, we already help you save paper, but we want to go one step further. When you purchase a four-year license as an introductory offer, we will plant 4 trees on your behalf. It’s a little “thanks” to you and the planet 🌳.

4 Trees for 4 Years

Update: As of May 2024, we’ve phased out planting 4 trees in the 4 Year Plan. New 4-Year plan customers will no longer have four trees planted on their behalf.

We are partnered with Ecologi to plant trees in Tanzania, Uganda, Somalia, Cambodia, Brazil and more.

Buy the 4-Year license now. This payment option is only available directly through us via our web app. If you have an existing subscription with us, you can still upgrade to the 4-Year license at any time. Any days remaining in your current subscription will be rolled over onto the end of the four year period.

That’s all from us for now. We’d love to hear your thoughts about this update over on the Community Forum and X. We wish you a wonderful winter break! ☃️

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