Flamefinch Partners invests in Supernotes

Monday, 22nd February 2021

Flamefinch Partners invests in Supernotes

We are very excited to announce the closure of our pre-seed funding round for Supernotes, the social note-taking and knowledge sharing platform, raising £150k with Flamefinch Partners.

David Walsh, Phill Blundell and Hayley Ard (Flamefinch Partners) have been our advisors since we started Supernotes back in 2018. They are truly invested in our vision to help build more meaningful connections between people and their knowledge, and we are delighted to be receiving funding directly from them.

“Help build more meaningful connections between people and their knowledge”
Our Supernotes Vision

We’re proud to look back together on some of the milestones we have reached so far:

  • 850+ upvotes over on Product Hunt, reaching #2 Product of the Day
  • 10,000+ users around the world, from Japan to Canada
  • 265,161 lines of code written since our inception
Promoting Supernotes on campus back in 2018
Promoting Supernotes on university campuses back in 2018

However, none of our milestones come close the pride we feel from the positive response we’ve received and the extent to which Supernotes is being used during this time, becoming the daily driver for diverse people with varied needs:

  • Motivating students to learn new topics, revise and sit their new remote exams
  • Helping employees with documenting virtual meetings and invoices
  • Inspiring those staying at home to track & share their reading lists, workout routines, recipes, and more
Intercom Feedback
One of our favourite messages from our users

Supernotes is very much a community driven product and we would like to take a moment thank all of our users for their continued support and feedback, especially Unlimited and Lifetime subscribers. All of you have made this investment possible, and these funds will be dedicated to growing our core community and continuing our fast pace of development.

This is just the beginning of a very exciting future for Supernotes, and we will be looking to raise further funding later this year. If you’re an investor and would like to help build more meaningful connections between people and their knowledge, please get in touch with us – [email protected].

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