Moving from Obsidian to markdown notecards

Thursday, 12th May 2022

Taking notes consistently is a difficult task, so we are reaching out to our Supernotes community members to hear their stories. Hopefully their knowledge and insight will help you with your own productivity workflow.

This week we are hearing from Seth Drebitko, one of our unlimited users. He’s a COBOL Programmer based in Scotia in New York, USA and has recently switched to Supernotes from Obsidian.

How were you taking notes before Supernotes?

Previously my Obsidian workflow was about as close as I could get to a Zettelkasten workflow as possible. The most active folders in my hierarchy were the Projects, Areas, and Slipbox folder.

The projects and areas folders contained all the working notes and resources I needed for the various things in my life I was working on. The slipbox is where all my knowledge was filed away to make a knowledge network and help facilitate the creative process.

Why did you switch to Supernotes from Obsidian?

Supernotes main two benefits over Obsidian are that it reduces a ton of friction, and includes the ability to collaborate with others.

While I love the idea of having a daily note it often ends up being tricky to know what information should go in your daily or not; and which information should be filed away in a folder. Supernotes’ Daily collection means you don’t have to make this choice, because any information you capture regardless gets logged to the day it was captured.

Seth kindly shared this screenshot of the beginnings of his Supernotes

Seth kindly shared this screenshot of the beginnings of his Supernotes

Another small but nice feature is the ability to scroll through your feed of cards and preview information. In a file based system like Obsidian you need to open your notes individually. It might be a small thing but every little reduction in friction when navigating notes is great.

If you had to name one feature on Supernotes that’s your favourite, which one would it be?

At the moment if I had to pick only one thing I would have to say it was the Daily collection is pretty great. I personally always struggled in prior software to decide what went in my single daily note, and what went into its respective place in my hierarchy.

A screenshot of the Supernotes Daily Collection complete with a Monthly Heatmap
A screenshot of the Supernotes Daily Collection complete with a Monthly Heatmap

What other productivity apps do you use?

I like to keep things relatively simple software wise so beyond Supernotes I use two other main pieces of software for my productivity/knowledge work:

Todoist – this is my main hub for tasks. Supernotes houses my broad project plans and big overall goals though.

Feedly – I try not to be intentional about the content I take in so I put blog feeds and youtube subscriptions through Feedly. When I’m ready to consume information though Supernotes is inevitably where it gets logged.

We hope you enjoyed reading Seth’s experience with Supernotes. If you’ve been using Supernotes regularly or have a productivity workflow you’d like to share, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch with us over on Twitter, @supernotesapp or send us an email,

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