Supernotes 3 – Coming soon to a device near you

Tuesday, 25th April 2023

Supernotes 3 – Coming soon to a device near you

We’re excited to announce Supernotes 3, codenamed Everywhere. Soon you will be able to jot down your thoughts on any device, with or without internet connection; whether flying on a plane, working remotely from the countryside or reading a book on a beach.

Here are some of the milestone features that make Supernotes 3 truly everywhere:

  • Seamless offline experience will help you create and edit notes even when you lose internet connection. Your changes will automatically sync when you re-connect.
  • Multiplayer editing gives you the ability to collaborate together with your friends in realtime – great for organizing events, planning trips and keeping shared lists.
  • iOS and Android apps will officially be available in App Stores along with lots of mobile app improvements. Can’t wait? Try them now in early access.
  • and much, much more…

Supernotes 3 is a free update for everyone, and will release later this year!

What else is new?

Releasing regular updates is something we’re proud of at Supernotes, and in the past few months we’ve launched many community-requested features – here are our top three from the recent Supernotes 2.4 release.

1. View Depth

Quickly expand deeply nested card hierarchies: view one, two, three or infinite* levels deep. This works especially well in graph view where you can instantly visualize how different areas of your knowledge are pieced together. Oh, and graph view now also has mobile support for both 2D and 3D modes; we’re excited to hear how this opens up new workflows for you.
* not actually infinite

Supernotes Android and iOS Mobile Apps
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2. Universal Search

Searching for cards has just become a lot easier and more comprehensive. Search queries now use a sophisticated relevancy algorithm to search the entirety of a card – title, content, tags, and other metadata to provide super-relevant results. On top of all that, search term matches are now highlighted for you so that you can immediately see why a card is appearing in the Universal Search results.

Supernotes Android and iOS Mobile Apps
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3. Multi Select

Edit a bunch of your cards in one go with our new multi-select feature. Press CMD/CTRL+E and select a couple cards, or enter the ‘Multi-select mode’ by pressing the button in the NoteBoard options menu. Modify visibility, targeted date, colors, and add tags or parents for multiple cards at once.

Supernotes Android and iOS Mobile Apps

This is still a work-in-progress feature, if you’re an Unlimited subscriber you can enable it under ‘Settings > App Preferences > Feature Previews’. Please leave your feedback over on the Community Forum

Try out multi card editing →

Even more affordable

Everything is getting more expensive – from your streaming subscriptions to your utility bills – and we want to help. During the pandemic in 2020, we offered Supernotes Unlimited for free to everyone. We are a sustainable business and our pricing plans are carefully calculated to allow us to grow and continue to innovate and build a world-class product.

Our Unlimited Plans are staying the same
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Instead of raising prices, we are committed to staying affordable, and therefore are freezing the price of our Unlimited plans until the end of the year. Additionally, we are currently offering a 50% discount if you subscribe to our Yearly plan, just enter NEW50 at checkout. Claim your half price discount now! (new subscribers only)

We also have more fun surprises planned the next few months. Stay tuned on our Twitter for sneak peaks of Supernotes 3 – we can’t wait to share it with you.

That’s all from us for now. We’d love to hear your thoughts about this update over on the Community Forum and Twitter. Connor and I both wish you a wonderful spring break! 🌼

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