Supernotes 3 is out now!

Wednesday, 6th September 2023

Supernotes 3 is out now!

Supernotes 3 is out now – take notes everywhere with our new iOS and Android apps, a seamless offline experience and realtime multiplayer editing.

To celebrate we are launching Supernotes 3 over on Product Hunt right now. Click the button above to go to Product Hunt, read about the new features and join in the discussions. The two of us built everything ourselves and would love your support!

Thanks for being part of the Supernotes Community. Your continuous feedback on the forum, via social media and chatting with us in-app has helped shaped this huge new release. We are excited to show you how we’ve brought your most requested features to life.

Three Big Updates

We have 3 milestone features launching today…

Dedicated apps for your mobile devices

1. Made for iPhone, iPad and Android

Our mobile apps are now publicly available on the Android & iOS app stores – bundled with an exclusive 7 day free trial to Supernotes Unlimited! Almost two years in testing, we’ve built one of the most powerful collaborative markdown editors available on mobile, with a brand new toolbar for easy editing and “Share to Supernotes” support (currently on iOS, coming soon to Android).

Go offline and online without any interruptions

2. Go offline with no interruptions

We’ve also introduced a seamless offline experience, so if your internet connection dips or you like working from remote places – that won’t be a problem with Supernotes. Create, edit and re-arrange your cards all while offline. Once you reconnect the app will automatically consolidate all your changes in the background, including merged edits from different collaborators.

Edit cards in real-time with friends and see their cursors

3. Multiplayer Editor

We’re stoked to support multiplayer editing within Supernotes cards, so you can now edit the same card with all your friends and see their cursor making changes in real time. Perfect for planning events, trips and having meetings together. This is in addition to our existing robust real-time features.

Supernotes grows with your ideas to form an amazing, interconnected knowledge base. Now explore all the other new features…

…including achievements, card view modes, manual sorting and a whole lot more. Read the full release notes here.

Get 7 days free Unlimited!

To celebrate the mobile app launch, we’re also introducing a 7 day free trial to Supernotes Unlimited for anyone downloading the iOS or Android app. This offer expires at the end of this month. So head over to our launch page now, and download the apps ✌️

Build a powerful graph of knowledge across all your devices
Build a powerful graph of knowledge across all your devices.

We have more fun surprises planned for the next few months. Stay tuned on X for more sneak peaks and productivity hacks.

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