Spring Update

Tuesday, 29th March 2022

Spring has arrived and we have some fresh updates to share with you.

#1 on Product Hunt & Hacker News

The response we’ve had with the release of Supernotes 2 has been overwhelmingly positive – on the day of our release we reached #1 on Product Hunt and #1 on Hacker News!

It’s been great to hear about the amazing workflows you’ve built with Supernotes, whether it’s using Supernotes for PhD research, day to day meetings, task tracking, or journalling. A big thank you to all of you for all of your support – we couldn’t have done it with this amazing community.

Group Onboarding for Everyone

Your notes and knowledge are personal, and we think it’s important for everyone to find a personalized workflow that works for them. Last year, we introduced 1-to-1 onboarding for new subscribers to help them get comfortable with the platform and discover new workflows. The feedback we’ve had from these sessions has been very positive.

But we want everyone that understand Supernotes to its fullest extent, so we are opening up onboarding sessions to all users, not just paid subscribers. However, due to increased demand, these sessions will now be group onboarding sessions, not 1-on-1. They will be slightly longer than the previous 30 minutes and will have a Q&A at the end. We encourage everyone to participate at your own comfort level – you can be a totally passive observer to the session or actively engage and ask questions! It also provides a great chance to share productivity workflows and meet other members of the Supernotes Community.

Supernotes Onboarding with Tobias
The co-founders, Tobias and Connor, will personally walk you through Supernotes

If you’ve been using Supernotes for a while, you probably don’t need as much of the onboarding experience, but we’d still love for you to join and share how you’ve been using Supernotes and maybe give you some pro tips. Book a session now – spaces are limited!

The Road Ahead

There are many new features on the horizon, as determined by what you (our community) need the most. Of course there will also be plenty of surprise features along the way that we think you’ll love, but for now here is a brief round up of what we are currently working on:

  • Mobile app Improvements – we will focusing development on adding specific mobile app features, e.g. an onscreen syntax keyboard for touch screens, an ‘Add to Supernotes’ button on iOS and Android, and much more. Get early access instantly by upgrading now.
  • Create & Edit Offline – be able to create and edit cards even when you lose internet connection
  • Web Extension – create Supernotes card from anywhere in your web browser, automatically linked to the web content you’re consuming
  • Public Collections – share a bunch of your cards to a single public page
  • Automation – we have been experimenting with ways we can implement AI in a privacy-friendly way to automate common actions on Supernotes, stay tuned
  • and much more!

We can’t wait to share these updates with you! Best of luck for 2022, and please join us at an Onboarding Session – the more the merrier!

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