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Built with you in mind, not large organisations

Many collaborative note-taking tools are built for teams and universites, making the experience less than ideal for individual users. They may offer a free plan for individuals, but their roadmap is dedicated to their paying customers which are large teams. We built and designed Supernotes specifially for you, the individual, giving your greater power and control over your own knowledge.

User Focused| Supernotes
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“Phenomenal UX, the need for speed and being along for the ride. Lifetimer!”
switched from Notion
“Beautiful product design. Endless small little touches!”
switched from Apple Notes
“Supernotes stays true to the original Zettelkasten method, and I think this is the most frictionless tool existing for those wanting to try and start collecting information. The user experience is superb, everything seems to have been thought about.”
switched from Logseq

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