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What is Anti-Procrastin?

Anti-Procrastin is a Supernotes campaign to help raise awareness of procrastination, offering advice and huge discounts to help students learn


Hang on, hang on, what’s Supernotes?

Supernotes is an innovative note-taking and knowledge management app co-founded by two students from King’s College London in 2018. Initially, we found ourselves disillusioned with the existing note-taking solutions like Microsoft Word, Apple Notes, and Evernote, which often resulted in a clutter of files that demanded tedious organisation and aren't suited to how we think.

While newer platforms such as Notion are impressive and offer extensive features, they are primarily team-oriented and can lead to spending more time on customisation and organisation than on actual thinking and reflecting.

That's where Supernotes comes in. It's a distinctive note-taking platform that utilises concise notecards, designed from the outset based on research to enhance learning. It's intuitive, quick, and a delight to use, functioning seamlessly right from the start. After five years of development, Supernotes is available across multiple platforms including Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, and as a Web app, ensuring accessibility from any device, anywhere—from an old library computer to your friend's latest iPad.

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So what’s Anti-Procrastin got to do with a note-taking app?

Anti-Procrastin is the moniker for our current marketing initiative. We're heading back to our roots of organising productivity workshops and writing articles on new learning techniques. We're reaching out to local universities to distribute flyers and share advice on overcoming procrastination. You can get involved as well, see below!

This campaign allows us, the Supernotes team, to engage directly with you — the students — to better understand your needs and, hopefully, to offer fresh perspectives and strategies to enhance your study methods.

If you've picked up one of our flyers, you'll find a unique code that grants you immediate access to the Supernotes student discount, offering substantial savings on our Supernotes Unlimited plans:

  • Enjoy a 50% discount with the Student Yearly plan
  • Enjoy a 63% discount with the Student 4-Year plan

Further Reading

In keeping with the spirit of our anti-procrastination campaign, we've compiled a selection of excellent resources to help you combat procrastination, including insightful articles from our own experts:


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