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Designed to help you beat procrastination

We built Supernotes to help you build a more efficient workflow. We have spent countless hours researching the best techniques to boost knowledge retention. That's why we introduced things like our 1200 character soft limit – this helps you break down your knowledge into more manageable, singular ideas, rather than being stuck in an endless document. We also write helpful producitivity articles on our blog so definitely check them out.

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“The new right-hand pane, the UI, the keyboard shortcuts, the 1200 character limit, it being perfect for a zettelkasten, the export to markdown and PDF, embedding pictures. As a package, Supernotes is amazing.”

switched from Workflowy

“I can organize all of the information that is valuable for me in one place. I feel that I do not just dump my knowledge into some sink, which, much like a black hole, won't ever expose that information again. On the contrary, I feel great relief once I filed some information as I can be certain that anytime I need that information, Supernotes will present it to me.”

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