Discord Markdown Cheatsheet

Sunday, 20th December 2020

Discord Markdown Cheatsheet

We’ve been using Discord at Supernotes since the beginning, it even made our list of the Best Productivity Tools for Startups. Using Markdown in messages is great fun, but if you’re new to it, it can be confusing. So here’s a quick cheatsheet for you below:

The above cheat-sheet is actually an embedded notecard, written on Supernotes. You can open it in a new window by clicking the title – there you will find a dark mode switch if you are up late. Want to make one for yourself? Try Supernotes now, it’s free. And the bonus is that we have an even wider range of Markdown support from highlights to references!

Bonus Markdown Tip – Links

Unfortunately Discord doesn’t support Markdown links, but it is the most common point of confusion with Markdown. How do you remember the correct order for square brackets / parathenses to create a link like so:

Markdown links are easy, this is one to [Google](

Never get it wrong again, with this simple method:

  • Square brackets [ ] are associated with straight edged TEXT
  • Round parentheses ( ) are associated with a round URL
  • [TEXT] is before (URL) in the dictionary so [TEXT](URL)

Also remember to append https:// to the URL otherwise most Markdown editors will treat this as an internal link.

If you found this useful give us a buzz over on Twitter, @supernotesapp, we’d love to hear from you!

### Styling

*italics*italics **bold**bold __underline__underline ||spoiler|| – !!spoiler!! ~~strikethrough~~strikethrough


You can create inline code by wrapping text with a single backtick `, or multi line code with three. Remember to [shift] + [enter] to create a new line in the Discord chat box. Make use of syntax highlighting and append the three first backticks, with the code language:

⠀for (multiline) {
 ⠀ code = block;


You can create single and multiline blockquotes, similar to code blocks, using > or >>> followed by a space, so…

> Supernotes is a fast note-taking tool


Supernotes is a fast note-taking tool

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