Power Up with AI Superpowers

Friday, 31st May 2024

Power Up with AI Superpowers

We’re introducing Supernotes 3.1 with AI Superpowers, to help you think more not less. Our Superpowers help identify mistakes and train you to become a better writer, so next time you can get it right without relying on AI.

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Try Supernotes 3.1 now or watch our YouTube walkthrough to discover what’s new and delve deeper into why our approach to AI is different.

Supernotes 3.1

We’ve been building this huge update since the start of 2024 and we’re so excited that it’s now available for everyone. Here are the key features:

  • AI Superpowers – Including Vision, a notecard AI editing assistant, and Collection Creator, which helps you create custom collections.
  • Custom Collections – save a combination of filters, and have living collections of your notes, that stay up to date with your dates
  • New Print Dialog – you can now print up to 300 cards in a single go, with support for spoilers and QR code generation for easy sharing.
  • New Editor Features – you can now add tags, emojis, card links and parents without your cursor leaving the card body. Just type hashtag (#), colon (:), two left brackets ([[), or two right carets (>>) to begin.
  • New Desktop & Mobile Menus – right click on collection names, card outlines or cards.
  • New Share Pages – we rebuilt share pages from the ground up. They are now much faster and they generate live previews of cards when shared in social media / messaging apps.
  • New “Interact with”… prompt – we’ve unified multi-select and interact prompts, and now Multi-select is available for all users including those on free plans.

And much, much more. We’ve added a huge list of improvements and fixed almost all existing bugs. Thanks for being part of the Supernotes Community, your feedback has helped shape this release. Read the full release notes here.

Even More Integrations

Since our last email, we’ve added support for Telegram. You can now message the Supernotes Telegram Bot to create new cards, or append your thoughts to a daily card.


Funnel, a new quick capture app for iOS, has recently added support for Supernotes, letting you capture ideas and send them to all your favorite apps in one place.

For fans of Raycast, we’ve also updated our own Raycast Integration to fix some issues with colors and add a new split search view.

Upcoming Price Changes

One thing we’ve been reluctant to do is raise our Unlimited prices, as we want to keep Supernotes as affordable as possible. Last year we announced a price freeze – a promise we have now fulfilled.

Supernotes is a sustainable business that is entirely funded by you, our users. That means we prioritize you and your suggestions.


We want to continue to keep costs as low as possible. However, due to the addition of AI and cost increases from the services we rely on, we will be increasing our prices later this year.

Anyone with an active monthly or yearly subscription will retain their current pricing, so be sure to upgrade and lock in our generous discounts for as long as your subscription is active. Our 4-Year license remains the most affordable, offering a comprehensive knowledge management solution across all platforms with publishing, syncing, and AI for only ~$5 a month. Secure this price for 4 years now!

Upgrade now to lock in your price

Thanks again for all the support and feedback. We have more fun surprises planned for the next few months. Stay tuned on X (or Threads 👀) for more sneak peaks and productivity hacks.

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