Daily Collection

Focus on what you're working on day by day

We have a dedicated view for all of the notecards you interact with throughout each day. This is super handy for when you want to jot your thoughts down in the morning, keeping track of events during the day or feel like having a quick review of the all the day's notes in the evening.

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“Coming from Bear, the amount of code highlighting straight out of the box was a big draw. As well as being cross-platform/available on the web. I also love the Daily collection.

switched from Bear

“Compare to Roam, card is better than outline. Daily collection is better than daily note.”

switched from Roam Research

“I use Supernotes for personal note-taking, jotting down ideas, recording daily events, and keeping track of people in my life. I enjoy the Graph View and organizing my notes as cards.”

switched from Evernote

“The open hierarchical layout with multiple viewing options got me in immediately. Also, just how quickly I can go from an idea, to it having a place within a meaningful context, by basically just starting to type isn't something I've seen implemented this well before.

switched from Microsoft To Do

“I'm working on transferring my recipes, workout logs, and random ideas for work. It's essential for me to have a calendar built into the notes app, Supernotes has it covered.”

switched from Taskade

“When I suddenly get an idea, I'll make a rough draft in Supernotes and then refine it. The concept of card writing; the limited word count; the association with the calendar so that I can see exactly how many cards have been written for that day; all of these are features I really like.”

switched from Apple Notes

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