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Extremely Reliable

“Help my notes app isn't working?!”

If you're fed up with buggy, unreliable note-taking apps, then Supernotes is for you. We are extremely reliable, and have over 99.999% API Uptime over the last 12 months. That means we had less than 5.26 minutes of downtime last year – less than a coffee break. In the unlikely event that something does come up, you can always chat with us immediately.

Extremely Reliable| Supernotes
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“Supernotes lets me capture my thoughts, ideas, and notes at the "speed of thought". The combination of instant UI feedback and the excellent keyboard shortcuts combine to make me feel like a knowledge wizard!”

Read why James switched from Notion

“Within no time I had cards setup for each topic/project I want to keep track of, and had them organised as I wanted them.”

switched from Microsoft OneNote

“Love the design, card layout, somehow the design is easier on the cognitive front. Pulling up related cards are much easier than say Roam, Craft, and other apps.”

switched from Logseq

“Phenomenal UX, the need for speed and being along for the ride. Lifetimer!”

switched from Notion

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