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“Love the design, card layout, somehow the design is easier on the cognitive front. Pulling up related cards are much easier than say Roam, Craft, and other apps.”

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Mobile and desktop sync. I work between two laptops and a mobile so I love for my PKM to be available wherever I am. A strong web app and native apps where available bundled with sync is a killer feature from my view”

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“Compare to Roam, card is better than outline. Daily collection is better than daily note.”

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I love having cards instead of the outliner view. They're helping me to distill my thoughts in small snippets, and they allow me to have a bird's eye view of what I'm working on, especially with the Broadsheet view enabled.”

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“Supernotes stays true to the original Zettelkasten method, and I think this is the most frictionless tool existing for those wanting to try and start collecting information. The user experience is superb, everything seems to have been thought about.”

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My favourite feature is the soft word count limit. It's a non-obvious feature, and it's genius. I found that with other note-taking apps, I would just dump other people's content into the app, and then do nothing with it.
With Supernotes, I find myself only collecting the best nuggets and ideas of what I'm reading. The card-like structure and the word count limit push me to write things in my own words and do my own thinking. So I use it to take notes, record SOPs, and now to write drafts for content I want to publish.”

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“With Supernotes I can easily just focus on each section of my long form writing at a time without dealing with plugins, learning why a plugin or theme is not working, or without dealing with syncing issues or having to learn some code in order to make a system that would help me focus on writing.”

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