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Tired of files and folders? Say hello to notecards

Long-form documents are impractical for storing knowledge. Niklas Luhmann discovered this and that's why he came up with is Zettelkasten system for storing knowledge. He based it on notecards! We've taken it a step further making our notecards collaborative, linkable, nestable and so much more. Wave goodbye to those esoteric folder–file structures we have relied on for 100s of years which just aren't suited to how we think.

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“Within no time I had cards setup for each topic/project I want to keep track of, and had them organised as I wanted them.”

switched from Microsoft OneNote

“Love the design, card layout, somehow the design is easier on the cognitive front. Pulling up related cards are much easier than say Roam, Craft, and other apps.”

switched from Logseq

“Supernotes is exceptional for organization. I can have hierarchy AND backlinks AND good UX ... The notecard format is amazing. It makes me think atomically.”

switched from Roam Research

“[Supernotes] has changed my mindset for learning ... the concise note design forces me to hone my notes into the key points and write in a way that makes sense out of context of that lecture, rather than just copying what the lecturer says. Ultimately, Supernotes has helped me be more intentional and invested in growing my knowledge base.”

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“Design! So clean, simple. I like the notecards, so much.”

switched from Notion

“Everything! I have a personal, family and work space. I love the card concept and note boards concept for structure.”

switched from Craft

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