Group your notes using tags and then filter them

Every notecard on Supernotes can be tagged. This is great for quickly categorising your knowledge. Once you added a tag to a card, you can click on it to filter the cards in your current view by that tag. Super useful for when you takes notes about the same topic at during different days - such as a series of events or lectures.

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“SN reminded me there is value in a good interface. Seeing parents and tags in context, having the ability to quickly filter by them by clicking on them, the simplicity of excluding vs including vs not considering a filter in the search is excellent.”
switched from Athens Research
“I have checklists of what needs to be revised, and then notecards for every subsection of topics, my degree is in health and literally everything is connected so it serves almost as a mind map for me. I used to use just regular apple notes and I cant imagine still doing this. The design is BEAUTIFUL okay. Feels like an actual home for my notes.
switched from Microsoft OneNote
“The simplicity. It took me 30 mins to get the hang of adding and organizing cards and I built my personal progress tracking system in an hour. I have autism and ADHD so keeping the barrier to entry low and not too much on the screen is important to me.”
switched from Notion
“There are multiple things,
Card system, I think this is just an awesome way of writing notes that helps me focus on the essentials.
Community / Support, I really got a lot of help from the founders.
Linking, tagging, parenting etc. I love this system in the way it connects my thinking to help me better understand the fundamentals and the relations between them.
API since I love programming, It's a great system for me to add on to my notes and my note-taking.”
switched from Standard Notes

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