An Apple Notes Alternative

An Apple Notes Alternative

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“Within no time I had cards setup for each topic/project I want to keep track of, and had them organised as I wanted them.”
switched from Apple Notes
“Supernotes is exceptional for organization. I can have hierarchy AND backlinks AND good UX ... The notecard format is amazing. It makes me think atomically.”
switched from Apple Notes
“The new right-hand pane, the UI, the keyboard shortcuts, the 1200 character limit, it being perfect for a zettelkasten, the export to markdown and PDF, embedding pictures. As a package, Supernotes is amazing.”
switched from Apple Notes
“Beautiful product design. Endless small little touches!”
switched from Apple Notes
“The UI is very aesthetically pleasing and there's continuous innovation with new clinch and functionality.”
switched from Apple Notes
“Everything! I have a personal, family and work space. I love the card concept and note boards concept for structure.”
switched from Apple Notes
“I have checklists of what needs to be revised, and then notecards for every subsection of topics, my degree is in health and literally everything is connected so it serves almost as a mind map for me. I used to use just regular apple notes and I cant imagine still doing this. The design is BEAUTIFUL okay. Feels like an actual home for my notes.
switched from Apple Notes
“When I suddenly get an idea, I'll make a rough draft in Supernotes and then refine it. The concept of card writing; the limited word count; the association with the calendar so that I can see exactly how many cards have been written for that day; all of these are features I really like.”
switched from Apple Notes
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