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Revolutionary note-taking format

Introducing the notecard

Introducing the notecard
No more bloated files for taking notes. Create simple yet powerful digital note-cards with rich and varied content, like math equations, tables, images, checklists, and emojis.

Effortless Organisation

Build your knowledge

Organise your notecards into a hierarchy that suits you. Use filters, search and sorting to find any note, anywhere. Establish links between your notes and visualize them in a 2D or 3D graph view.
Build your knowledge

Intuitive collaboration

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Write down your thoughts, and within seconds share it as a notecard with friends & colleagues. They don’t need Supernotes to read it, and if they do they can edit and comment in real-time!
Share your ideas in an instant

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Built for Vet Students

Don’t have much time on your hands? Supernotes takes care of lots of things for you, so you can focus. No formatting, no downloads, no loading screens. It just works on all your devices!

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